Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dark Inspiration

Posted by: Marie Harte
Lately I've been inspired to write about demonic antiheroes. I'm actually finishing up some contemporary romances that are due, so of course my brain has decided to dream about paranormal entities and fantastic places. Then I wondered where some of that inspiration might have come from.

Here are a few places where my dark muse has taken watch. Be warned,  it isn't all pretty...
  • Believe--TV show about a girl with supernatural powers that others are fighting to harness for good...or eeeeeevil.
  • Blacklist--because if James Spader isn't inspiring enough as a baddie with good--?-- intentions, you need therapy
  • Thor, The Dark World--come on, who hasn't wondered what dark elves might be like? Though I admit I thought the movie's take on them could have been darker. And I always love Loki
  • Pan's Labyrinth--a dark, emotionally complex movie with creatures straight out of your nightmares
  • The Boxtrolls--coming soon to a movie theater near you. The little claymation trolls are so ugly and cute I want to cuddle with them forever. I love when monsters aren't the bad guys
  • Morgan Hawke's Interstellar Service & Discipline series. Her skeldhi heroes are dark, fierce, and make pets out of humans. And man, I have read these books so many times it's not funny.
  • Hub's The Haunting Hour--what can I say? I have kids. These spooky tales combine innocence with creeptastic visions of what strikes fear into the hearts and minds of children.
  • I recenlty watched a 2 minute horror short called Lights Out. It's seriously well done, and if you don't mind sleeping with all your lights on for days, give it a shot. No gore, just scare.
So I'm on a dark, freaky kick lately while trying to simultaneously finish another book and work on edits for something else. Did I mention we're now on spring break, so my kids are home? Yes, I'm living my own horror fest right now. Writing, reading, editing, repeat. AAAAAHHHH.

Happy reading...

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  1. I like your dark muse. You should listen to her. *nods*


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