Saturday, February 22, 2014


Posted by: Shona Husk
Okay everybody has their pet peeves in books, but lately I’m finding some of mine appearing everywhere (maybe it’s me and I’m just reading the wrong books).

The first one is the hero who just keeps going and going and…he’s instantly ready to go again and again…

I know it’s fiction but after a while it kind of bugs me (not enough to throw the book, but enough to pull me out of the story).

The next thing happens mostly in mmf erotic romances and it’s what I politely refer to as double dipping (use your imagination here as I’m not explaining it any further) and it is often a result of always being up and ready and needing to stick it somewhere else.

Seriously wipe that thing before sticking into the heroine or I’m spending the next 3 chapters wondering if she got an infection!

Lastly I’d like to talk about size. If your hero is a horse shifter I totally get that size is an issue. Romance-land (as well as being full of green eyed, red-haired, virginal heroines) seems to be full of guys with enormous attributes. Seriously if the heroine can’t get her hand around it I’m praying there’s lube or wondering what is wrong with her hands (although she’s probably been described as petite—how is it so many women in Romance-land are tiny and bird like? That might be another post).

I’d much rather my heroine be impressed with the hero’s skills as a lover than his size.

So, what is it about romance heroes that makes you go umm…really?

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  1. Shona, you've hit every 'get-a-grip' (pun intended) point that has had me thinking 'Yeah? Really? What are you doing? Eating Viagra on your weeties?' And as for the 'part A fits both B & C' that is always an 'OMG, he did not just do that without...' cringe for me. Also the size thing - there is a limit (some writers don't seen to be aware of it) when biggest is not best - the reader is left wondering it the poor woman ended up walking double bow legged for a week or in hospital having a 'most embarrassing moment' explaining her condition to the doctor LOL


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