Saturday, February 15, 2014

Take One Heart-Shaped Box....

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty

Welcome to Chocolate Day 2014, or, as a lot of the world thinks of it, Valentine's Day. Despite being shunned by many as a too-commercial holiday with too many sour memories, the authors of Here Be Magic decided February 14, 2014, was a good day to share stories.

Tales of love, tales of alien technology, tales of the mists, tales of the paranormal. We took one heart-shaped box, gave it to the authors, and stepped back.

Just wait and see what they created with it.

We hope you enjoy our flash, and not so flash, fiction offerings, which we'll be posting every couple of hours today and tomorrow. Eventually, all the stories will be further tweaked, possibly expanded, and put into an easy-to-download free anthology like A Pixie's Tale. Here's the list of stories.

Violets in the Snow by Veronica Scott
A Pledge of Devotion by Regan Summers
The Knowing and the Myst by Danube Adele
Destiny in a Box by Angela Campbell
The Birthright by Shawna ThomasUnmatched Cupid by RL Naquin
The Silver Prison by Shona Husk
The Shape of His Heart by Jane Kindred
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Heart-Shaped Box by Shawna Reppert
A Box Full of Faerie by Jody Wallace
Heart-Shaped Box of Memories by Nicole Luiken

Happy Chocolate Day!


Hera B. Magic

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