Tuesday, February 4, 2014

After The End

Posted by: Shawna Thomas
Love or Destiny?
Journey of the Wanderer releases on February 24th. It will only be one of the many books released that day but for me, it’s a momentous day for many reasons. Journey of the Wanderer is the last book in the Triune Stone Series. It’s the book that gives the HEA. It’s the book with the scenes that, even after writing, rewriting and editing over and over, still make me cry. It’s where I say goodbye to characters that I’ve grown to love.

Finishing the last book in a series has always been a bittersweet moment for me. Writers are first and foremost readers. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’d have the same sense of melancholy when I finish writing a series as I do reading one.

I  can remember vividly holding The Return of the King in my hand with tears running down my face as Frodo says goodbye not just to Middle Earth, but to me. I didn’t cry but I did yearn for just one more of JK Rowlings’ books. I wasn’t ready to leave Harry or the world she created yet. I finished CS Lewis’s Last Battle and immediately wanted to start again at The Magician’s Nephew.

So what makes a good series? The world building? Character development? Story arc? I think it’s all of these things and more. There is something magical that happens when a world escapes the pages of a book to grow and take up such a place in our imaginations that it elicits true emotion.  Characters, places become real and a part of who we are. And like with any place or person we love, it’s hard to say goodbye.
So it is with a lot of emotion that I give to you Journey of the Wanderer, and the last of a series.

Some legends are born. Some are made. Some just are.
Journey of Wisdom is available now at Amazon, Carina Press or any eBook retailer. 

 As Bredych seizes power in the kingdom of Greton, Ilythra staggers north with a magic stone he covets, fleeing his murderous trackers. There in the mist, she finds the Siobani and the final Triune Stone.
Ilythra's quest won't be complete until she recovers the stone still in Bredych's possession and uses it to mend the wounds of the world. Though the Siobani are reluctant to leave their long seclusion, Ilythra convinces them that the time to reunite the stones has come.
With Ilythra wielding the power of her stone, the Siobani have a fighting chance. But Greton's walls are thick. Bredych's spells are insidious. His army is well trained. And even with new magic she's learned from the Siobani to help her, pulling down the puppeteer of Greton will be Ilythra's hardest battle yet.
What is your favorite series? 


  1. Gorgeous covers! Sounds like an epic tale!

  2. Enjoyed the post, it is bittersweet when the end of a favorite series is reached. For me it was the original Dragonriders of Pern, after All the Weyrs of Pern. The later books "co-written" by her son didn't do it for me.

  3. Barbara, thank you!

    Jody. I held the last Harry Potter in my hand for about 30 minutes, hoping she'd write one more but understanding why she probably wouldn't.

    Veronica, I remember the Dragonriders. I agree!

  4. Congratulations and condolences, Shawna. :) I think that, in order to love a book, you have to fall for at least one of the characters the same way you'd become friends with one of those real life people I'm always hearing about. And, as an author, you know even more of that character than reader. So, definitely a mournful occasion.

    Sunshine, by Robin McKinley, is my big "I wish there were more!" book. It's a stand-alone and she never intended a sequel, but I love the characters and it ends with a gentle cliffhanger that fills me with longing .


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