Monday, April 22, 2013

Here Be News

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Our new releases this week

A sensuously erotic sci-fi romance
by Linda Mooney
He fully expected to die, until he met a woman who gave him every reason to live.
Those condemned to death are sent to Doora IV, one of four prison moons in the Doora system. Webb Grace realizes that he has less than a month to roam the moon's tunnels before he's taken above and ejected into the airlessness of space. However, before he's released, he is allowed to spend his last night in pure carnal exploration with a Lady Lay.
Myka Tolbert is a Lady Lay. She is one of the few women on the maximum security prison moon who treats the condemned to their Final Pleasure, a last sexual fling, before they’re executed. In return, her sentence is shortened one week. She hopes she lives long enough to earn her freedom.
A chance meeting between her and Webb gives the con more than a reason to live, but also the belief that he can escape Doora IV and his execution. But first, he has to figure out how, and then he has to find a way to bring along the woman who has managed to touch his heart.
They never foresaw all hell breaking loose before he could act.
Warning! Contains expired food, exploding moons, land squatters, dirty dealings, fraudulent contracts , transparent walls, revenge, cold showers, a death board, pink jumpsuits, and life measured in ten minutes intervals.

ISBN 978-0-9859300-3-5
Word Count: 54,000
Now Available at Amazon
and All Romance eBooks

Links of Interest

Netflix released all 13 episodes of the first season of Hemlock Grove. The critical reviews are...well, not good but I'm on ep 3 now and I really like it so far. Anyone else give it a try?

Defiance kicked off on SyFy. Haven't decided how I feel about this one. It has potential but I feel like I keep getting burned by SciFi series that sound great but fall flat after the first show or two.

Via io9: One of the first religions inspired by the internet "File-sharing isn't just a good way to get the latest episode of your favorite TV show. It's also a religion. Kopimism is an officially-recognized faith in Sweden, and has established a church in the US too. Its credo? Copying information is holy."


  1. Congrats on the release, Linda!

    Eleri - I was sick and in bed this weekend, so I watched almost all of Hemlock Grove. It took a few episodes for it to catch on with me, then I thought it was a decent show, but I abruptly stopped on episode 11 after...something happened that upset me. I won't spoil it for you, but I haven't decided if I'll finish watching or not. Pretty sure I figured out the killer around ep. 10 and a few other things. You'll have to let me know if you make it to the end so I can find out if my suspicion was correct!

  2. I will. I'm on episode 6 right now. Hope you feel better soon. That stinks to be sick on the weekend.


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