Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Posted by: Evey Brett

Evey: Don't be mad, but my next book doesn't have any horses in it.
Carrma: -stares-
Evey: Sorry. They just didn't fit.
Carrma: We always fit.
Evey: Not in an M/M/F Paranormal BDSM you don't.
Carrma: A what? Nevermind. You're weird, human.
Evey: I might be able to put you in the book after that.
Carrma: You'd better. I won't talk to you if you don't.
Evey: Fine. Then we won't go out for rides and you won't get to follow me around the round pen when I hold the whip and no more trotting and cantering...
Carrma: -snort- So, human. This Christmas thing.
Evey: Huh? Oh. Yeah. Whatever. I'm working.
Carrma: I thought it was supposed to be one of those, um, holidays.
Evey: Not for those of us who work at hotels. Someone always has to be there.
Carrma: I heard some of the really nice humans give presents to their four-legged friends. -stares-
Evey: -stares back-
Carrma: May I suggest some horse cookies?
Evey: Dr. M is going to come take care of that eye problem. That's your present. I worked a lot of overtime to get it for you.
Carrma: Did I mention cookies?
Evey: Did I mention room and board and nice men who put your blanket on when it's cold?
Carrma: C is for cookie. And Carrma.
Evey: See, I knew you were smart. So smart you get to teach the humans I'm bringing in for a Narrative Medicine and Cherokee Bodywork retreat next week.
Carrma: I like teaching humans things. I like it better when they give me cookies.
Evey: I'm sure you'll get a few treats and plenty of attention. I'll be taking pictures and maybe getting ideas for another book.
Carrma: So back to this thing about presents. Maybe I should give you one.
Evey: I don't need any. Not when I have you.
Carrma: -happy ears- -lick chew lick chew- Aw. You love me. Now where's my cookie?

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