Friday, June 8, 2012

Meet the Here Be Magic Authors - Janni Nell

Posted by: Veronica Scott

Continuing a new feature at Here Be Magic - periodic interviews with the Authors who create the magic. Our next interviewee is Janni Nell. Her latest is DANCE OF FLAMES (Carina Press Presents: Editor's Choice Volume II).

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m Australian. Sydney born and bred. I started writing my first novel when I was a teenager. In those days I didn’t realize published books were edited. I honestly thought the writers just wrote one draft and it came out right. Well, I was quite young. Anyway my first effort was so appalling, I immediately destroyed it. Of course, I’d caught the bug by that time, but it was several decades (and a lot of learning ) later before Carina Press  published the first Allegra Fairweather novel.

 Which three books would you take to a desert island and why? Susan Howatch’s Mystical Paths (tough choice because I love so many of her books. The depth of her characterizations are second to none.) Caleb Carr’s The Alienist (brilliant historical thriller. One of the great tragedies of publishing is that he didn’t write more than two books in this series.) Kim Wilkins’ The Autumn Castle (a gorgeous Grimm-style fairy tale for adults.)

 Which five people (real, fictional, historical) would you invite to dinner and why?  Ben Elton (yes, I expect jokes), Todd McKenney  (yes, I expect dancing – with me. For those who don’t know. As well as being a ballroom dancer, Todd McKenney is a simply wonderful musical theatre performer. Best I’ve ever seen. He was the first to play Peter Allen in “The Boy from Oz”.) Jack the ripper (a brief appearance only so we know who he is then off to the gallows.) Adam Lambert (yes, I expect songs) Don Bradman (for my husband so he won’t be bored while I’m hanging out with the others).

 What’s your guilty pleasure?   Talent shows like American Idol.

 How do you celebrate when you finish a novel? I buy books and catch up on all my reading. If the book is accepted I indulge in good champagne.

 What has surprised you about being a published author? The number of readers who bought my books.  Big hugs to every one of them.
Favorite TV Show:  at the moment it’s Homeland
Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia
Tea or coffee:  cappuccino
Morning person or evening person:  morning
Favorite food:  a good mango is hard to beat
Favorite song:  The Last Night of the World from the musical Miss Saigon

Finish this sentence  “I believe in the Magic of Angels” 

 What are you working on next? The next Allegra Fairweather novel.

 What one question do you want to ask your Readers today?  Which part of the world would you like Allegra to visit to solve a future case?

 Where can your Readers find you online?

You can find DANCE OF FLAMES at Carina Press  Amazon


  1. Love the premise - a paranormal investigator with a guardian angel - wow! Maybe Allegra should go to Ireland next....

  2. Lovely interview, Janni! Congrats on the release.

  3. Veronica! Are you clairvoyant?! The Allegra Fairweather currently under consideration is set in Ireland.

    Cindy - thank for dropping by.

  4. Congrats on being in the Editor's Choice, Janni!


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