Monday, October 3, 2011

Kiss Me or Kill Me?

Posted by: Keri Stevens
Because our children are still all 12 and under, and because we have good friends who could get us good deals (including letting us sleep on their Florida floor), Dr. Stevens and I are taking the boys to Walt Disney World next week. We have been telling EVERYBODY we know (and now, thanks to the interwebs, a few of you we don't know) all about it.

But we haven't told our sons.

That's right--we're planning to ride the entire cliche, including filming that "hop in the car, we're going to Disney" moment.

Actually, that's not true: I don't even plan to tell them then. I went to AAA and got myself an old-fashioned paper Triptik, and when they ask where we're going I'm going to rip out a page and say: To the bottom of this page. I have 16 hours of torment in the car coming my way and I figure I should get to perpetrate some of it.

I will be interested to see how they react when the news is finally revealed. My oldest is halfway to figuring it out. He's one of those people who wants  to be surprised, but doesn't want to look dumb. He'll nod sagely and tell me he knew it all along, surpressing his squeals of excitement. My middle child will bounce around like those colored plastic balls in the popcorn popper rolling toy. My kindergartner will put his hands over his mouth and his eyes will pop wide.

I know people, however, to whom I could never do this. They hate surprises. They'd burst into tears, regardless of whether the news I drop in their lap is good or bad. For them, the fight-or-flight is just too strong and they can't reinterpret the news quickly enough to channel their reaction.

What about you? If you were my baby boy (stay with me, here) would you want to kiss me or kill me?


  1. Kiss you! No doubt. Especially when the idea of being at Disney World really sets in. :) Hope you guys have a Blast!

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I'm getting really excited. But it's very hard to research all of those insider tips & tricks with preteens hovering over my shoulder!

  3. Haha it's Disney! I'd totally kiss you. Now, if part of the surprise was that my mother-in-law or my arch-nemesis (doesn't everyone have one of those?) was joining us? Then I might kill you.

    Have a GREAT time! And make sure you pick out the rides you really want to make sure you hit and grab the speed passes for them first thing.

  4. Totally kiss you, take a picture and post it on the Interwebs!

  5. Seleste, we learned LONG ago that we don't travel well with others. While I like renting a beach house, mountain cabin or other destination rental and meeting up with friends and family there, I HATE car caravans. HATE!

    Renee, I am SO BAD at getting pictures. I figure at least I'm in the moment, though...right?

    Liz, you would TOTALLY burst into tears before you killed me.

  6. Kiss, fer sure. I too, my kids to Disney World when they were about the same age as yours. We all loved it. Have a blast!


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