Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TV for Scare Junkies

Posted by: Selah March

It's hard to miss the sudden proliferation of creeptastic TV shows debuting this month. Yes, it’s October, and that’s a prime time for frightening fare, but this year’s crop seems especially provocative.

For example, FX is airing the third episode of American Horror Story tomorrow (Wednesday) night. This show is billed as a psychosexual thriller, and that’s certainly accurate. I viewed the premiere with a friend, and neither of us was prepared for how much the show entertained and disturbed us in equal measure. (And can I just say that I want to be Jessica Lange in twenty years?)

AMC’s The Walking Dead is back for a second season, and while I enjoy its character-driven storytelling, I have to admit being somewhat over TV and movie zombies. I'd rather read about them, because what I imagine in my head is so much scarier than even the finest makeup artist can craft. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the sharp dialogue and excellent production values.

Finally, Grimm is coming to NBC on Halloween weekend. The show appears to be about a family that fights against various creatures from fairy tales and urban legends. Frankly? It looks like a glossy rip-off of the CW’s long-running cult favorite, Supernatural, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Do you like your scares in the intimacy of your own home, bathed in the glow of your TV screen, or do you prefer to be terrified in a crowd of strangers at the your local Cineplex? What are you watching for thrills this month?


  1. I'm not good at scary. Don't really do it at all. I started watching Supernatural, and stopped. I'm a wimp. I will always be a wimp. I had to keep my bedroom light on for a full two months after watching the Exorcist. {{Shudder}}

  2. Barbara, thank you for confessing -- I'm another wimp. If we're ever attacked by zombies, Selah can stay and fight while we run for the hills! :)

  3. Going to try Grimm and Once Upon a Time, but otherwise we don't watch much horror movies/tv!

  4. I want to see Grimm and Once Upon a Time. I'd like to check out American Horror but I didn't dvr it so I'll have to see if I can dig up those first episodes somewhere.

  5. Eleri, I think you can find them online at the official site I linked to above -- or, at least, the latest one, and then synopses of the first two.

    WARNING: This is not your grandmama's scary show. The violence is sort of...appallingly graphic, especially for TV. But I can't look away.


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