Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gathering Places

Posted by: Loribelle Hunt
You see them on tv shows all the time. The diner, the coffee shop, the bar. The place the cast meets to unwind, catch up, and just generally hang out. I see them less in books, but I seem to write them a lot. Sometimes it's as simple as a pack circle like in my latest release Third Time Lucky.

I went in a different direction with Kiss of Twilight, my Dec '11 Carina release. They don't even have a name for their bar, a privately owned, secluded warehouse that is only opened once or twice a month. Being a music lover, so are my characters, and several in this series are musicians. If I was giving them a bar, I had to let them form a band right? LOL This is probably the most involved gathering place I've written so far, but I had so much fun with it I'm sure there will be more.

What about y'all? Do you weave places like this into your stories? Do you love them or hate them?


  1. I like meeting-places, though I don't know I've ever written one. But it's a nice idea to have a place that is another character. Almost like Cheers.

    My favorite meetingplace will always be der Wafflehaus in the tv show Dead Like Me.

  2. I enjoy reading about the characters' favorite hangouts or meeting places, don't believe I've ever written one into a plot, come to think of it! I liked what Dayna said, that the place can be almost another character. Clearly something I should think about - thanks for the topic!

  3. You know, I hadn't thought about these places as characters! But I think regions (the South, etc) can so I suppose it makes sense. And y'all have given me something to think about lol. ;)


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