Monday, April 25, 2011

It's STEAMPUNK WEEK at Carina Press and we have PRIZES GALORE!

Posted by: Christine Bell

Forget Shark Week. It's STEAMPUNK WEEK at Carina Press and we've got prizes coming out of our...well, wherever one might think to hide a lot of prizes.

For those of of you not familiar with steampunk, I really like this description at

I'll wait here while you check it out.

Okay, get it? Now add to that an intangible *feeling* of adventure and invention but with grit and grime. If steampunk were a movie, I like to think that Tim Burton would direct it, Danny Elfman would do the score and it would star Helena Bonham Carter. It has that kind of feel.

I think steampunk (in all its forms) is going to be as popular as vamps have been over the last couple of years. Because this exciting sub-genre is really just coming into its own, I'm thrilled to claim a tiny piece of it. Carina has wrangled some great authors and the selection this week offers something for everyone!

The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale is a time travel romance that incorporates my favorite elements of steampunk with a dash of adventure and a ton of fun.

Cindy Spencer Pape has a FREE read up this week (yes, I said the F- word!) called Photographs & Phantoms, a companion story to her recent release, Steam & Sorcery. If you like your steampunk romantic with an aura of mystery around it, then this is the one for you! Packed with paranormal beings, magic and romance, you can't beat it. Did I mention it's FREE?!

Like your steampunk especially steamy and packed with adventure? Marie Harte's Journeyman's Ride is an erotic romance that will leave you breathless. Blood ravens, mechanical spider and cannibals, oh my! Dorothy never had it so rough.

And to round out the collection, Crista McHugh offers The Alchemy of Desire. A steampunk romance set in the Wild West, McHugh takes us inside the world of shape shifter and magic.

If you've never tried steampunk before, I hope the Carina Press collection gives you a little taste of what it's all about.

We at Here Be Magic will be doing a new giveaway every day this week starting tomorrow, when I will be posting an excerpt from The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale and one commenter will win a copy of the book! Then, check back Wednesday and Thursday when our other steampunk week authors will post excerpts and giveaways!

Finally, on Friday, Cindy Spencer Pape, Marie Harte and I are giving away the awesome, steampunk inspired prize pack pictured above! It includes a gorgeous rose ring, a pair of Marie Harte bookmarks, a signed Cindy Spencer Pape Gaslight Chronicles postcard, A Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale mug and a set of Twisted Tale signed romance trading cards! Comment any day, now through Friday, leave your email address so we can contact you if you win, and you're automatically entered. Friday's prize pack giveaway is open to commenters located in the U.S. Daily giveaways will be open to ALL.

On Saturday we will choose our grand prize winner!

Now, for a little bit of fun, check out this AWESOME video the Carina Press team did in celebration of Steampunk Week!


  1. This is very special! I love reading steampunk!

    Have a wonderful week, you intrepid adventurers!

  2. Cindy Spencer-Pape's Steam & Sorcery was my first Steampunk read, and I loved it. Fun week, great prize pack, guys.

  3. I love this...I can totally go for Steampunk as the new black.

  4. I'm so excited about this week. Even though my book is a free download, I've been waiting just as anxiously for it to come out as all the others.

  5. Congratulations to all the Carina Press steampunk authors. A whole week in celebration of what you write. How fabulous is that! Plus, I love steampunk. WooHoo! I agree that I think it is going to explode on the scene in a big way. Again, looking forward to this week's blogs.

  6. I love Steampunk! I think I've bought all but 3 of the books that were highlighted in the video- which by the way was great!.

    Thanks for the contest!

  7. This is fantastic! Thanks for holding this contest--I love the theme. :)

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  8. Sounds like this is going to be an awesome week! I love Steampunk!

    Also, thanks for the great contest!

  9. What fun! Just wrote my first steampunk story this weekend (f/f erotica short) and had a blast. Can't wait to read these books! :)

  10. This is just an awesome post. Its very fun and exciting too. Thanks for offering such a great contest. My daughter also loves Steampunk!!!

    Please enter me and here is my email:

    Walk in harmony,

  11. wicked cool. a co-worker of mine clued me into what steampunk is about. i never considered the literary side. LURVE Jules Verne!!!!!

    looking forward to this week. *wandering off to download the FREE story. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

  12. Congratulations, 'Punkers! I came late to steampunk but now I love it -- I've already read a few of the ones being featured here and can't wait to read the rest!

    Marcelle Dubé

  13. Love steampunk I have a link up tomorrow ...

  14. Duh I forgot to add my email


  15. Thanks everyone for all the support! It's great to see all the steampunk lovers out!

  16. Never knew how to describe it...and not I've discovered "Steampunk"...Love it

  17. just watched the video. as a graphic artist i really appreciate how it was put together. again: wicked cool.
    i would love to have a pair of those goggles and the olde time aviator's hat. it would look ridiculous on me, but i'd still love to have it.

    i'm trying to justify buying all the books when i've just told dear hubby to curb "want" purchases this month. *sigh*

    nm8r67 at hotmail dot com

  18. hmm, always looking for a new genre to obsess about and I could probably handle the science in these ones too!

  19. I have just found the steampunk genre and I cannot wait to start reading these stories.They sound like something I would love. Thank you for turning me on to these books and authors.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  20. Hands down. Steampunk is a fantastic genre. I am a new fan and so glad I found it. I just finished The Girl in the Steel Corset and my mind is still flipping from such an entertaining read!!

    =) Looking forward to learning of more titles and already have many of the books mentioned marked to read and shared on my blog!!


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