Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top Four New (to me) Series of 2015

Posted by: Nicole Luiken

1/ Gini Koch’s Katherine “Kitty” Katt series. (SF) I read book one Touched by an Alien in February. I immediately needed book two. I caught up with the latest book in the 11-books-and-counting series by June and am looking forward to book 12, Alien in Chief, coming out in December.


2/ Brent Week’s Lightbringer series. (epic fantasy) Book one: The Black Prism. Even more amazing than his Night Angel trilogy. Love the light-and-color-based magic. Love the characters. High action and man, oh man, some of the plot twists! Am dying to find out what happens next. I’m lobbying to convince my husband and son to start reading the series so I can justify buying book four in hardcover when it comes out.

3/ Diana Pharaoh Francis’s Diamond City series. (urban fantasy) Book one: Trace of Magic. Every bit as good as the author’s Horngate Witches series. Cool magic, lots of action and peril and some steamy romance scenes, too. Two books out so far.

4/ Carol Berg's Sanctuary Duet. (fantasy) Book one: Dust and Light. I'm super excited for the release of book two Ash and Silver to come out in December. I love Carol Berg’s world-building, and she's very good at putting her characters in tough places.


  1. I'll have to check out the Carol Berg. I fell in love with her storytelling with Transformation.

    1. Yes! Transformation was great. I loved Seyonne and how, though a slave and terribly powerless, having lost his magic, quietly managed to influence Aleksandr. Makes me want to reread it...


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