Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Looking for Holiday-Themed Spec Fic Romance Recs!

Posted by: Jenn Burke
One of my all-time favourite
holiday romances.
It's that time of year again...when romance readers scoop up all sorts of holiday-themed books. There are some fantastic ones out there. One of my favourites (which I just re-read) is Amy Lane's Christmas Kitsch, a story about a college kid who might not be the brightest star in the sky when it comes to academics, but he's got an amazing heart and soul. When he kisses his best friend/new boyfriend at Thanksgiving, he's thrown out by his parents and needs to define a life for himself. I highly recommend it.

But...it's a contemporary romance. I find most holiday-themed romances are. And don't get me wrong...I love contemporary romance. Spec fic romance, however—sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal—is my favourite.

So, any suggestions for this holiday-loving spec fic romance reader? I love romance of all sorts, but I'm particularly interested in LGBTQIA romance these days.

I know Indra Vaughn has a new book out called Winter Spirit, all about a lonely B&B owner and his cupid-like, matchmaking ghost. Looks fun!

Winter Oranges by Marie Sexton (out soon!) also looks great, with a twist on the Christmas ghost theme.

Go ahead and list your favourite holiday romances! I know I asked for spec fic ones, and I'll love you forever if you have a few for me to add to my ever-expanding to-be-read list, but feel free to suggest anything—contemporary and het romance included!

Happy Thanksgiving (week) to my American friends. I hope you'll find some books on this list to enjoy after the turkey's done!


  1. Great minds think alike! Amy Jo Cousins posted a fantastic list of holiday romance recs over on her blog today, with lots of variety. Check it out:


  2. Carina Press had an SFR themed Christmas anthology a few years back called A Galactic Holiday. I particularly liked How the Glitch Saved Christmas by Stacy Gail.

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much, I'll check it out. :)

  3. Oh, another good post on this topic from Pippa Jay! http://romancingthegenres.blogspot.ca/2015/11/futuristic-holidays-christmas-in.html


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