Saturday, November 28, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why Shifters Are the New Black

Posted by: Marie Harte
I love shapeshifters. Vampires used to be the most popular paranormal beast out there, but then the shifters took over. And for good reason. Here's my top ten list for why shifters deserve to be number one beast on the block:
  1. FIDELITY: There's nothing more romantic than a shifter who, once mated, can't stray. 
  2. DESTINY: Fated mates. Takes away all the difficulties with trying to find that special one.
  3. ALPHA MALES: Who doesn't love a beast in the bedroom? And someone who can kick major butt when the need arises.
  4. SENSITIVITY: Nothing like those enhanced senses to make kissing even better.
  5. NEVER DIET AGAIN: Shifter metabolism rocks. You'll never have to diet again.
  6. SUNLIGHT: Unlike vampires, shifters can handle the sun no problem. 
  7. HOWLING: And hand-in-hand with sunlight, moonlight makes them howl and brings on the beast.
  8. SUPER STRENGTH: Never lift weights again. Automatic increase in muscle mass once you turn furry.
  9. LONGEVITY: Seems like lycanthropes live longer than normal people. At least, that's what my Uncle Harry tells me. Ha. (Okay that was bad, I admit it.)
  10. FAMILY: There's something satisfying about a pack. Safety, family, built-in togetherness. What's not to like?
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and try not to turn too beast-like during these hellacious shopping days.

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