Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Am Graphics Obsessed

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
The emergence of sites like Canva has made graphic design relatively easy for tech-dumbies like me. I say "relatively easy" because I can produce a design, but I can't guarantee it'll look good.

I've noticed a lot of authors share my obsession. "Teasers" have become a big thing. By teasers, I mean things with an image and a quotation from a book, such as this for Demon Hunter.

Reviewers are also doing amazing things with graphics. I love some of their banners and announcement graphics. It's as if technology has freed our creative selves. I guess we can "paint" without having to tidy away the easel and turps. And it's not about being "the best". It's about communicating a message.

I'm really curious to see how book covers will evolve. There has been a lot of blue and black and grey shades -- ever since Fifty Shades of Grey. I can't help wondering if styling will change soon. Maybe orange will become the next big thing -- pumpkins to signal ... um, no, I don't want to think of vampire pumpkins!

What do you like to see on covers? Particular colours? Fonts? Should the title or author name be larger? Do you like to see people or not? Men or women or both? Headless?

With The Icarus Plot, I went for something a bit mysterious.

Graphic design is about telling a story with few if any words. It is absolutely fascinating.


  1. Great post, Jenny! And, yes, I am graphics obsessed as well. The more creative outlets the better. ;)

    1. The interesting thing (from the angle of justifying the time I waste on graphics) is that the internet privileges images over text in terms of grabbing attention, so if we want eyes on our books, we *need* graphics -- that's my argument and I'm sticking to it ;)


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