Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Give me your book recs!

Posted by: Sonya Clark
I've always thought of myself as a paranormal author, but lately I barely feel like one. The Magic Born series seems to be thought of as closer to sci-fi than paranormal. I can't quibble with that, since I've never really been sure what genre those books are, and I wrote them! The series recently won an SFR Galaxy Award for Best Dystopian Worldbuilding, something I'm tremendously proud of. Mixing magic and cyberpunk creates a bit of confusion when it comes to genre labels, so I'm thrilled to see the books recognized under any genre.

My current work in progress is a small town contemporary romance, which is a huge departure for me. I started it during NaNo, got the fifty thousand words to win, finished the first draft in December, and am currently working on revisions. It's been quite an experience, writing something so different, and I especially love that there's a music angle to the story.

But after all of this wandering around in other genres, I'm finding myself thinking more and more of going back to straight paranormal. After nearly three years of writing other things and a full year of reading almost exclusively contemporary romance, I've realized lately that I miss urban fantasy, both reading and writing it. And watching it, too, since I've slacked off on catching any paranormal movies and shows in a while.

Since I've been a little out of the loop, what I really need are recommendations. Books, movies, TV shows. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dark and angsty and funny and sexy - think Dresden, Buffy, the Winchesters. What's new out there now that's remotely like that? Please share your recommendations in the comments. In the meantime, I'll be looking hard at all the pretty covers in the sidebar for books I haven't read yet. :-)


  1. Oh good! :D I will have to check out your magic and cyberpunk book. I love the blend of different things. :)

    I've been out of the loop since before Thanksgiving, so I'm not sure what the hit items are these days. But it seems Ilona Andrews hits the mark on their books. :)

    Hope to see a new UF book out some time soon. :)

    1. Thanks Melissa! Believe it or not, Ilona Andrews is an author I've never read. I need to rectify that!

  2. I've been bingeing on m/m paranormals lately, so I can give some suggestions there, if you're interested!

    The THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet - alternate universe with shifters called Therians and focuses on a Human/Therian police force. The fourth book just came out on Monday and it concludes the story of the first couple (Dex and Sloane). Other books in the series will follow other couples, I think. Anyway, I highly recommend it. Very fun and entertaining series!

    The Infected series by Andrea Speed - this is more m/m UF; all love scenes are behind closed doors. The romance is a HUGE part of the story, though. The series follows Roan, an "infected" ex-cop who's now a private detective, as he works to solve "kitty" crimes and master his own weird mutation. Be warned that the second book ripped my heart out.

    The Change of Heart series by Mary Calmes - I found the set up for Mary Calmes's cat shifter world FASCINATING. It's heavily influenced by Egyptian mythology and very intricate.

    Good luck finding something to your tastes!

    1. These sound great, Jenn. I'm especially curious about the cat shifter world influenced by Egyptian mythology. Thank you!

  3. Have you tried:

    1.The Others series by Anne Bishop
    2.The Jessica McClain series by Amanda Carlson
    3.Blood Destiny series by Helen Harper
    4.Preternatural Affairs by SM Reine
    5.World of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks

    All of these are Urban Fantasy series and each one is pretty unique or pretty good in its own way.

    P.S: I just finished the first book of your Magic Born series and I loved it. I can't wait to get to the other two books in the series.

    1. Thank you! :)

      I've got SM Reine and Eileen Wilks on my list of authors to try, and I'll add the other authors you've listed.


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