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He once controlled her fate; now she holds his heart--and his body--in her hands...

Living in a humble village at the edge of the Sarian Empire, Kailey is a gifted but untrained mage with an affinity for stone. She believes herself well beyond the reach of the guild that controls all magic within the empire until Benim, an unwilling guild soldier, appears at her door. She's part of his quest to assemble gifted citizens for entrance to University.

As Kailey struggles to navigate the strange society of the Sarian upper class, she's tasked by a guild master to create a masterpiece for the emperor. And when Benim is commissioned as her model, Kailey comes to crave the hard-bodied soldier she spends her days sculpting inch by intimate inch.

Benim cannot resist the warmth of Kailey's spirit nor the comforts found within her body, though he knows that a poor soldier has no place in a mage's world. But he and Kailey will have to overcome more than just class differences in order to remain together. For someone has made Kailey a pawn in her mentor's ambitious play for power...

Book two of the Spellcraft series

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England's infant heir has been kidnapped, and there's only 
one man who can find him.

Luke Ballard has dedicated his talents--and his life--to protecting the throne. As Henry IX's Privy Inquirer and Dominus Elemancer, his loyalty is no longer in question. But when Queen Madeline's coronation is interrupted with the news that Arthur, the baby Prince of Wales, has been abducted, Luke is given an ultimatum: retrieve the royal heir and prevent future threats to the royal family or lose his head.

That the young prince has been taken by dark forces is clear. The evil sorcerers of Custodes Tenebris will not rest until they hold power in England with Catholic Mary as a puppet Queen. Luke has bested them before, but he's never needed to defeat evil while falling in love--Arthur's nursemaid, the beautiful Blanche Oliver, has won him over with her seductive charms.

As Luke's investigation leads into the dark recesses of his own family's past, Blanche's hold on him deepens. With the fate of the Tudors hanging in the balance, Luke will need to draw upon untested strength and sort truth from feminine fiction...for the enemy's reach is long and time is running out.

Book three of The Tudor Enigma

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The Tenth Life of Vicki Torres by Shona Husk

A Court of Annwyn short story

Is he saving the cat or is the cat saving him?
Seth expected the world to end in wars and bombings, not in a plague. When he obeys his dying father and heads for their secret cabin in the mountains as arranged, he gets lonely so fast that he's willing to share his meager food with the stray that appears in the woods. But is the cat what she appears to be or is she something else entirely?

This story takes place during the plagues that happen in To Love a King (Court of Annwyn 3)

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Other News

Dear Author Reviews 2013 SFR Galaxy Award Winner WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM by Veronica Scott

Jayne at DA sez: “...I was 4 chapters into this story when it dawned on me that I was lost in it and totally concentrating on this created world….The details of the doomed Titanic’s fate are cleverly re imagined in a space voyage…the tension builds, then recedes just a little, then increases, then is countered just a bit, then smacks the reader around some more before smacking the characters even worse. And then when I think this must be it, they’re safe, right? they aren’t. Safe that is….”

To read the rest of the review, here's the link:

Raven's Wing Month-iversary Special!

In celebration of the one-month anniversary of the release of the urban fantasy Raven's Wing by award-winning author Shawna Reppert, the e-book will be available for 1 week only at a special sale price of $1.99!  (Sale starts at roughly 8 AM pacific time 2/23/15)  Buy Raven's Wing on Amazon

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