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New! DERELICT, a Sci-Fi Romance by Linda Mooney

Posted by: Linda Mooney


Sci-Fi Romance
by Linda Mooney

Word Count: 67K
$3.99 e / $10.99 p

Running from an attack by the Alliance and looking for cover, a derelict ship unexpectedly comes into view. JeVit of the Pure takes the opportunity to hide behind it, not expecting to find an open bay door inviting them in. Too late she realizes she should have rejected that invitation.

 Centurion Zeke Rossi and his team are in pursuit of an enemy ship when it just…disappears. Spotting an alien vessel they don’t recognize, the Terrans temporarily give up the chase to investigate, and Zeke is tapped to board the ship first to look around. Immediately, his gut tells him something is wrong. It’s not until he enters the spacecraft that his feeling is validated, but he has no idea the worst is yet to come. 

 The ship seems to be truly deserted, but the two couldn’t be more wrong. When their paths cross, JeVit realizes that although Zeke is injured, their best chance of surviving is to call a truce and join forces. However, trust between enemies proves difficult.

 When escape becomes possible, JeVit chooses the path most likely to save Zeke’s life, and hopefully not end hers on sight. But when Zeke awakens, his memories are nothing but flashes, other than the gray-eyed, blue-headed beauty he keeps envisioning. What happened to him? What happened to her? And how does she fit into the puzzle of his piecemeal memory?

 Raised to be sworn enemies, the two can’t resist the pull to be together, despite what it means for their future. They’re willing to risk it all, but can they convince the Terrans and the Hafu to unite against a common enemy?

 Warning! Contains beef jerky, lessons in swearing, absolute darkness, Vah plus six, trust issues, and one man making the ultimate sacrifice to return to the woman he's come to love when he knows he has nothing left to lose.

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