Thursday, August 4, 2022

Two Projects at Once

Posted by: Nicole Luiken

Yes, I'm trying this again, with the usual haphazard  results. In the past I've tried doing Tues-Sun on one project and Mondays on another. It worked well for awhile--and then it stopped working. At all.

Right now I'm drafting a new SFR book in the morning, and revising the fourth draft of a different novella in the afternoon. Theoretically.

How is this actually working? Well, on Monday and Thursday mornings, I do a Zoom write-in with two members of my writers' group. During that ninety minutes, I can usually do a daily quota of 1000-1500 words. Thus, freeing myself up to spend the afternoon on edits. Except half the time I end up doomscrolling on Twitter or doing puzzles. Sigh. Still, I usually get a few small edits done.

On other days, when I don't have the write-in, I don't always get in my daily quota and frequently end up drafting in the afternoon and not getting around to edits. 

This week, I had an epiphany on Monday evening about how to improve the novella. In an excess of enthusiasm, I put the drafting entirely aside for yesterday and today to work on the novella (though I intend to return to it for Thursday's meeting--tomorrow for me, today for those of you reading this blog). Yesterday I planned out how to implement the changes I want to make. Today I started tackling them and was going strong. At which point I remembered I had a blog due tomorrow...

So, yeah. Lots of ups and downs, but overall I would say the Zoom write-in are helping with my productivity and allowing me the brainpower to work on two projects at once. What I really need is more writing peeps to Zoom with on the other weekday mornings or afternoons. Anyone interested?

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