Thursday, August 18, 2022

Three Book Marketing Ideas

Posted by: Deborah A Bailey

Social media options seem to be in a state of flux. Instagram is making major changes that have been interesting to watch. Whether they will help or hurt in the long term remains to be seen. 

TikTok continues to grow. But it has a different style than other apps and might not be the answer for everyone. Meanwhile, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the mainstays (so far) though they may not be a fit for every author.

If any of these platforms are working for you - great! But if not, here are some other options to consider.

Blogs & Newsletters – Several years ago I blogged regularly about topics for my non-fiction book about careers. I didn’t think anyone was reading the posts but surprisingly, they were. And I found that a few sites had added my blog to their "Top 10" lists.

Back when social media exploded, a lot of people switched over to Facebook pages and groups. Nothing wrong with that, but having your own space isn’t a bad idea. Especially considering how quickly algorithms change and how a platform can shift focus (as Instagram has shown) and disrupt everything you’ve been building.

Authors have varying opinions about newsletters, depending on if they find them helpful or not. There’s nothing wrong with connecting to your readers on a regular basis, so if you don’t have one it might be something to try. And, in spite of what some might believe, email hasn’t gone away.

Classes – If you have experience to share, why not present classes online or in-person? Do you have tips and tricks that other writers are looking for? If so, you can share your expertise while you promote yourself as an author. I’ve given a few fiction writing classes for a local library. It turned out to be a great experience, and the class participants enjoyed it so much that they ended up forming their own writing group. I’ve also presented online courses for the past few years on a few platforms. I get to meet other authors and share what I’ve learned about my craft.

Podcasts – They can be a great way to form a lasting connection with listeners who may also become readers for your books. Create a “one sheet” with your bio and book descriptions, then reach out to podcasts. You can do so directly or work with a service that does bookings (or have a PR person do it if you have one). Of course, you can also start your own podcast to feature your work.

There are many ways to market, make new connections and sell more books.

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