Thursday, July 15, 2021

Be a Dork Day

Posted by: Maureen

 By Maureen Bonatch 

July 15th? Where has this month gone already? I, for one, have no idea. For a moment in a conversation with my husband I realized that I didn’t even know what month it was. I blame it on too much time spent on the computer working at the day job, or escaping into the fiction worlds of my characters. 

Even though often the days rush by in a blur, I try to take a moment to cherish each day and consider it special on its own. 

I raised my head up out of the fog to wonder just what might be significant about July 15th? Although it seems that often when I seek out those quirky holiday calendars, the day in question has is represented in an unusual, or dorky, way. 

 Yes. July 15th is Be a Dork Day. 

Dork is a word I might’ve tossed around some in my youth, but not one that I can recall using anytime recently. Adjectives said to be associated with being a dork are odd, clumsy, ridiculous, awkward, silly, etc. 

But, in my opinion, there is someone for everyone. One person’s dork, is another’s prince charming. Or at least someone who makes you laugh, or if you’re the dork, then perhaps you can laugh at yourself. 

 Because Who Doesn’t Love to Laugh

I’ve always felt that laughter is the best medicine. I try to include humor into my everyday by watching humorous television shows or movies. You know the ones that you can watch again and again and still laugh. A few old favorites include: 

Television Shows 

  • Seinfeld 
  • King of Queens 
  • Mike and Molly 
  • Mama’s Family 
  • My Name is Earl 
  • Martin 


  • Dodgeball 
  • Folks 
  • Her Alibi 
  • Stepbrothers 
  • Bridesmaids 
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

I do love my comedy, so I kept the list short or I could go on for quite some time. I also enjoy reading and writing characters that make me laugh. Because what would life be if we were all serious all the time? Boring, if you ask me. 

 Embrace your inner dork today and be a little silly, or figure out what’s to love about those that you feel are awkward, clumsy or ridiculous. If someone asks you what’s going on, tell them it’s Be a Dork Day and invite them to join in on the silliness. 

 Guess what? July 15th is Also Give Something Away Day. 

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 Share Your Favorite Funny/Dorky Shows in The Comments

Just a small-town girl, Maureen Bonatch leads a double life. She lives in a magical world as a novelist, and as a nurse leader in reality. Maureen’s first novella was a paranormal romance published when blogs were a new-fangled thing. She’s since changed her focus to writing paranormal cozy mysteries as 

M.L. Bonatch and urban fantasy as Maureen Bonatch. 
While she’s not busy writing or doing nurse-things, she’s a mom to her twin daughters, bicycling in the beautiful woods of PA with her hubby, doing the bidding of a feisty Shih Tzu, and dancing as much as possible. She believes music can be paired with every mood, laughter is contagious, and that caffeine and wine are essential for survival. 

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