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HERE BE NEWS for Monday January 4, 2021

Posted by: PG Forte


Monday, January 4, 2021 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:


Tuesday December 29, 2020: Read COLD FAIRY MOON--New Year's Eve flash fiction from Linda Mooney.

Finders Keepers by PG Forte

Sometimes finding what you want is the easy part

 Caleb is a bionic soldier with little-to-no memory of his past. Aldo's an undercover cop who's searching for the man who got away. Then there's Sally, an ER physician who used to be married to Aldo's late partner, Davis. Sally's just looking for a reason to keep on getting up every day. 

 This holiday season, chance will bring them together and give them an opportunity to help one another find what they each want most. But every gift comes with a price. And keeping what they've found once they've found it? Yeah, that's gonna be the hard part.


The dull thud of explosions filtered into Aldo’s brain, rousing him from sleep. “Fireworks,” he mumbled, watching the colored embers stream through the starry sky outside his window. They meant something, he supposed. He couldn’t remember what. 

“Yeah. They just started,” a soft voice murmured beside him. “Happy New Year.” 

New Year’s. Right. Aldo turned his head to find the source of the voice. Kyle was sitting up in bed, reclining against the pillows. Aldo allowed himself a moment to drink in the sight. It was a miracle that Kyle was alive, a miracle that he was sitting here at Aldo’s side. Beyond those simple facts, however, lay a twisted jumble of thoughts and emotions. How the fuck were they ever going to make this work? The wistful look on Kyle’s face did not inspire Aldo with a lot of confidence in that regard. The rest of the package, all that delectable man flesh, certainly inspired a lot of other things, but confidence, no. 

“So,” he said, not bothering to sit up himself, not bothering to pull Kyle down into another long kiss the way he wanted to either. A kiss would be nice, but it could lead to either more sex—also nice—or to another argument. That would be significantly less nice and would leave Aldo feeling stupid for having started it. “Where do we go from here?” 

“I don’t know.” Kyle looked tired. Even his amazing eyes looked worn—especially in the too-young face—and a lot less amazing now that Aldo knew the true cost of them. He felt an urgent need to reach out to Kyle, to touch him, not just to reassure himself that he was really here, but to somehow erase all the damage that had been done to him in the name of science. Yeah, Kyle had changed, all right, but they were all surface changes. They didn’t touch the heart of the man…and Aldo could not decide if that was bad or good. He felt the usual brew of guilt and grief and anger churning inside. He’d failed Kyle. They’d failed each other. And they were probably going to do so again.

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