Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Additional Scene From X MY HEART, a SciFi Romance Novel by Linda Mooney

Posted by: Linda Mooney

This year on my blog date, I will be presenting ALL NEW CONTENT from some of my previously released books. This content will be available on my website, where you can download it and read for FREE. If there is a particular book or series you'd love an extra "tidbit" of, just put it in the comment section below!

This month, I'm offering up this additional scene from X MY HEART, a sci-fi romance novel.

~ ~ ~
It's been twenty-seven months since Earth last saw any of the Medusa ships or the aliens who created them. During that time, humanity remained hidden in their underground bunkers, fearful of returning to the surface. Terrified that the creatures might return.

But after so long, the world's population has decided it's time to emerge, to rebuild, and to hope again. And as that news is imparted to Sergeant Gretchen Twoey and her misshapen, alien-created husband, Sergeant Leif Stoddard, they also get word of two possibilities they'd prayed might someday happen, but never dared to dream they’d come true.


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