Thursday, October 15, 2020

What Can You Celebrate on October 15th?

Posted by: Maureen

By Maureen Bonatch 

I love working remotely and have done so since well before the pandemic began. Although sometimes it seems like every day is the same as the weeks fly by. Therefore, when I realized that today, October 15th, was my turn to post at Here Be Magic I struggled to think of what to write about. What makes this day different? 

 So I did what most everyone does when faced with a conundrum and looking for an answer— I googled it. It turns out that October 15th is a special day for many things

Most are a little unusual, but why not take the time to embrace the date and celebrate these more unusual special ‘holidays’. 

 Holidays On October 15th 

 Global Handwashing Day 
As a nurse, the importance of handwashing has always been apparent to me. Although this year the whole world is embracing handwashing this—and every—day. 

National Cheese Curd Day 
Well okay. I do enjoy some friend cheese now and again.

National Grouch Day 
I loved Sesame Street growing up and am a little glad that poor Oscar got recognized. I’d be grouchy too if I had to live in a garbage can. Heck, I’m grouchy some days now and I don’t!

National I Love Lucy Day 
Who wouldn’t love Lucy? As a chocolate lover, I loved the episode when they got behind on the chocolate conveyor belt and were trying to eat all the candy to hide their mistake. That’s the kind of mistakes I’d like to clean up. 

National Mushroom Day 
I don’t need a reason to eat mushrooms, but I guess today I’ll need to have some with my fried cheese curds…but first I’ll wash my hands. 
Maths Day 
Well. Sorry. No. Math? This is one holiday that doesn’t have me excited even if it is encouraging math-themed games instead of standard math. Pandemic home schooling parents? I feel your pain. 

So today you can be a little grouchy if you’re asked to participate in math games (or maybe you’re a math lover, then you’re good) while watching I Love Lucy and eating fried cheese curds and mushrooms—but just wash your hands first, please! 

Another special date is coming up next month —Friday the 13th. 

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What's Your Favorite Little-Known Holiday?

P.S. It's that time of year so here are a few contests you can enter to win more 'treats'.

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Maureen Bonatch is a novelist, healthcare content writer, and nurse leader. Maureen’s first novella was a paranormal romance published when blogs were a newfangled thing. Her most recent release is the second in The Enchantings series which features magic, motorcycles, and dark undertones in a contemporary world.

While she’s not busy writing or doing nurse-things, she’s being a mom to her twin daughters, bicycling in the beautiful woods of PA with her hubby, doing the bidding of a feisty Shih Tzu, and dancing as much as possible. She believes music can be paired with every mood, laughter is contagious, and that caffeine and wine are essential for survival. 

 Yinz can find Maureen on her website, Facebook & Twitter and be the first to know about her book sales and new releases by following her on BookBub, Amazon and/or signing up for her newsletter

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