Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Book Trailer That Wasn't

Posted by: Nicole Luiken


Last fall my teen werewolf novel Feral came out. I intended to do a book trailer for it, but never managed to make the time/find the money for it. Just for fun, here’s the script:

In a small northern town on the edge of a deep forest

[IMAGE: something like this only, you know, better that what I can draw in 15 minutes using Paint]

Lives a Pack of werewolves...

SOUND EFFECT: wolves howling

They abide by three simple rules:

1/ Don’t let the townies know your secret

2/ Exile those born to the Pack who can’t shapeshift

3/ Don’t stay in wolf form too long or you’ll go feral. Kill all ferals.

SOUND EFFECT: escalating music, dramatic pause

Chloe is about to break all three.

CLOSE UP: girl's terrified face

SOUND EFFECT: wolves howling, branches breaking

VIDEO: girl running through the woods

CLOSE UP: wolf snarling

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