Thursday, September 20, 2018

always learning...

Posted by: Shona Husk
I love researching random things. I have several books on my shelf that I'm really looking forward to reading. One of which is The Butchering Art by Lindsay Fitzharris about Victorian surgery.

While I do research out of need it is more fun to follow a whim and learn something new for the sake of it. last year I learned how to leadlight. I've done courses on archaeology and forensic accounting through and at the moment I'm doing a course in Natural History Illustration with EdX. The best part about the online courses is that they are free, but if you want something official you can pay for the certificate.

By continually researching I'm always feeding my brain, which means there is always something new to spin a story idea off.

Oskar Quigley knows exactly when and how he’ll die.
Living with a death curse isn’t easy, but after generations of research handed down to him he thinks he knows how to defeat the Thomas, his great uncle and a witch gone bad who caused the problem. There’s just one thing he never accounted for: another victim.

Mylla has been Thomas’s servant for as long as she can remember, but her memories can’t be trusted. The marks on her wall add up to decades, and her diary is a muddled collection of rambling. When Oskar arrives to tend the gardens she needs to warn him that bad things happen, difficult when she can only talk on Thomas’ command. But she doesn’t need to talk to steal a few moments for herself in Oskar’s bed as she tries to convince him that magic is real.

With time running out and Thomas’s suspicions growing, Oskar is forced to act. But if living with a death curse is hard, learning to live is even harder.

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