Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What If - An Apocalyptic Viewpoint on the Future of Books

Posted by: Linda Mooney
My latest release is a post-apocalyptic, futuristic romance. I've written such books before (ex: X-Troller), but while I was working on this new book, I remembered how it felt to be caught in the middle of a hurricane last year, and its aftermath.

Being left without electricity, water, or refrigeration for food is, in a lot of ways, very much what people in a post-apocalyptic world would have to face. Things we take for granted would be no longer viable. You'd struggle to find food, find ways to cook your food, to use the restroom and go days without a proper bath because of the need to conserve water, not to mention learning to contend with spending hours without a TV or computer. You'd revert back to the "olden days" of trying to find ways to make the hours and days pass, returning to conversation, board or card games, and books. Printed books.

But what if the apocalypse actually happened? There'd be no more electronic books. No more social media. Electricity would cease to exist, including phones. But we would still have print books. Yes, there would be a finite supply, since no more would be coming off the presses. At least, not for the next decade or so, until someone brought back the printing press. But reading would still exist, and so would authors.

Which leaves me to ask other authors, what would you do in that situation? Would you hand-write your manuscripts and pass them around? How would you cope if, suddenly, all technology was gone?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

* * *

Futuristic, Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Word Count:  58.2K
$3.99 e / $9.99 p

Not all who are bitten are turned.

After World War III, better known as the Nuclear War, survivors were forced to move underground, where they had a better chance of survival. Those who were caught above ground in the aftermath inevitably died of exposure. However, the animals and vegetation were not so lucky. Although most species survived, they also mutated. And sometimes those mutations reached the remaining human population.

Shaddoe March lives in one of those subterranean bunkers, called SubForty. Her life is nowhere idyllic. No one’s is. But she’s healthy, and that means she has a future. Until, one day, her nightmare becomes reality, and she’s infected.

She is thrown out of the bunker, above ground, unarmed and alone to face the hideous creatures and other Condemned who’ve been discarded to face their inevitable deaths. As she prepares herself for the worst, she finds redemption.

Chyler Comstock was also infected, but he didn’t turn, and he’s not dead. Yet. Neither are the thirty-two other souls who’ve banded together for the sake of survival. When he meets Shaddoe, he’s more than willing to let her join their group, but not until the critical thirty-seven-hour window is passed. If she remains human after that, then she’ll be welcomed.

But, for now, it’s a waiting game, and the world ran out of patience decades ago.

Warning! Contains a beatdown with a broom, shattered solar panels, a deadly lunch tray, radioactive ammo, explosions, and a possible cure that could mean the difference between love cut short, or love everlasting.

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