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When is a Pet Not a Pet?

Posted by: PG Forte
As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love animals. And over the course of my life I’ve had a fair number of pets—cats, dogs, mice, various types of birds (from chickens to canaries), frogs, lizards, turtles, fish, tarantulas. At one point, in fact, I had almost all of those at once. And when I started writing, my characters all had pets as well.

And then vampires happened.

I don’t know why it is, and it certainly wasn’t intentional on my part, but—for the most part—my vampires have never felt the need for pets. Cookies—yes. Pets—no. Go figure.

But for every rule, there’s an exception. Which is how Liz, one of the vampires in last year’s Going Back to Find You, ends up adopting a pet when she’s befriended by a cat. A very unusual cat.

Because, really, when you think about it, why shouldn’t a paranormal creature have a paranormal pet? 


As they turned away and headed off in their different directions, Jason became aware that Liz was looking unusually pensive. “Everything all right?” he asked.

Liz nodded. “I guess so. This is going to sound silly, but I was hoping I’d see that cat again before we left. I wanted to say good-bye.”

“Cat?” Jason all but stumbled in surprise. “What cat?

“The big tomcat that was hanging around in the park. You probably saw him at some point.”

“That’s entirely possible. What’d he look like?”

Liz shot him a curious glance. “Nothing special. He’s just an ordinary cat. A dark orange tabby with white paws and a big plumed tail and a—”

“A scar behind one ear?”

“That’s the one. I caught him watching us through the skylight Saturday morning. I told him to go away, and now I haven’t seen him since.”

“He did what?” Jason felt himself frowning.

Liz shot him a curious look. “You know you’re being really weird about this, right? He’s just a cat.”

Jason snorted in disbelief. “’Course he is.”

“Anyway, I hope he’s all right.”

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Jason assured her. “Really. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Well, I don’t know how you’d know something like that. Have you seen him recently?”

“I…You know, it’s just a feeling I have. Trust me.”

“Still, it got me thinking. It might be nice for us to get one.”

“Get one what?”

“A cat. To take with us on our travels.”

“Oh, hell, no.” Jason stared at her in horror. “Are you serious?”

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t you like cats?”

“Sure I do.” It wasn’t cats that bothered him, it was knowing there were things out there that looked like cats—but weren’t. “Can we talk about this later?” Like much, much later.


But, if the cat's not really a cat...is it still a pet? I guess that's something we each have to decide for ourselves. 

Going Back To Find You was part of a group release. Most of my characters also appear in Going For Brook, by Kinsey Holley.  And I borrowed several characters (including the cat) from her. Both books can be read alone, of course, but if you want the full story on the cat, you’d probably want to read them both.

Because even a vampire deserves a second chance.

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Lizbeth never thought she’d see Jason again, either—and she’s not so sure she wants to see him now. Her life’s a mess, but at least it’s her mess. And after a lifetime of other people making decisions for her, she’s looking forward to finally figuring out some things on her own. Besides, Jason already left her once when she needed him. Why should she trust him not to do the same again now?

Warning: This is not a drill. Vampires are invading your favorite, small Nebraska town this Halloween. Does this mean Type-O flavored booze will soon be the new rage in Sapphire Falls? Hopefully, it won’t come to that. But you never can tell…

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Aiken Kavanagh came to Sapphire Falls from Silicon Valley right before the car wreck that claimed Brook’s parents’ lives. Charlie Lyall was one of Aiken’s closest friends. They went back a long way—a very, very long way. Aiken promised Charlie he’d stick around Sapphire Falls until Brook was ready to leave.

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