Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Long-Suffering Cat Posts for her Irresponsible Writer-Person

Posted by: Shawna Reppert

Hello! Samhain-kitty here. Those of you who follow the blog on Shawna Reppert’s author website know I frequently take over the task of updating her poor, neglected readers while she’s off gallivanting with disrepute Irish musicians. She has reached a new low, taking off to see plays in Ashland with her sister and completely forgetting that she had a blog due for Pet Month here at Here Be Magic. (Of course, Companion Animal Month would be more politically correct, but what can you expect from mere humans?)


 Anyway, I’ve been trying to get her to have more of a feline-American presence in her works. She has become a bit better about it—witness Nuisance the cat in the Ravensblood series, who had a brief (and largely accidental) heroic moment in Raven’s Heart that almost makes up for that slanderous name. (Writer-person has called me worse over the years, though to be fair at least one of those instances involved the demise of one of her favorite wine glasses.) Fortuna in A Hunt by Moonlight fares better in that regard, but gets very little screen time, especially in comparison to the number of canids running around the book. (I don’t care if they’re werewolves, they still pant and drool.) She lets a child name the only cat in The Stolen Luck that is anything more than set dressing.


And yes, Jack the Dog is barely mentioned here and there in the Ravensblood series, but he bears an uncanny resemblance to her friends’ pit bull. As if I need a further reminder of her disloyalty than having her come home after a weekend away with that beast’s scent all over her.


This is where I need your help, dear readers. If you could only provide her with some gentle suggestions, maybe some positive feedback whenever a cat does finally make an appearance. Like most humans, she’s not too bright, but I believe she can be trained with just the right—




Oops, gotta go!


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