Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Lure of Dragons

Posted by: Linda Mooney

What is it about dragons that appeal to us? Is it the mystique because we have no idea if such creatures actually existed? Or is it because they're mostly associated with the medieval period, which we've come to romanticize these past few decades?

For hundreds of years, we've been enamored of these fire-breathing, flying behemoths. You can find dragons on artifacts, in paintings, and on icons. They're on tapestries and wood carvings, and you can find them on armor.

Hollywood has given us a whole slew of dragon movies in the past, including the more recent How to Train Your Dragon. We collect dragon artwork, jewelry, and clothing. We buy dragon candles, dragon toys, stuffed dragon animals, and all sorts of knick-knacks (like my specially made glass dragon seen here.)

And now, romance authors (yours truly included) have brought them into mainstream fiction.

The most popular way dragons have invaded romance fiction is as shape shifters - man changing into dragon form, and back. There are also stories where the dragons "share" souls with humans.

What is about dragons that appeal to you?

1. What's not to love about something so big and powerful?
2. They can spout fire from their mouths, dude!
3. Hey, if it can fly, can it carry me on its back?
4. Give me a hot guy who can be my personal dragon bodyguard!

* * *
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