Friday, June 5, 2015

Wedding Week - Impending Joyousness

Posted by: Jenn Burke
I thought it would be fun to do a bit of flash fiction on the theme of futuristic weddings. This isn’t set in any particular universe, but I hope you enjoy it!


Tas smiled as he spotted the couple nervously edging past the front door of MariBliss Marital Bliss Emporium. A moment later, he caught movement across the shop out of the corner of his eye that flattened the smile into a scowl. Oh hell no, New Guy was not stealing this commission from him!

Walking—not running, because that would not be cool—Tas beat out New Guy by seconds. He ignored his coworker and turned a brilliant smile on the couple, who were holding hands as though their lives depended on it. He didn’t blame them—all the promotional holos and flashing lights could be a little overwhelming at first.

“Welcome!” Tas said, throwing his arms wide. “We’re so happy you’ve chosen MariBliss for your impending joyousness. I’m Tas, and I’ll personally make sure that your day is absolutely perfect.”

The taller woman of the two smiled back, but the expression was hesitant, as though she wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself and her fiancée into when they stepped through the door. Clearly she needed some convincing that she’d gotten them into pure awesomeness. “Uh, hi. I’m Mosan and this is Awny. We want to get married?”

“Doesn’t everyone on Dove 9? MariBliss offers the best experience on the planet. Whatever you want, whatever you need, whatever you desire.” Considering that Dove 9’s main draw was its destination weddings, that was saying something. Tas waggled his brows and swept an arm toward the showroom behind him, just narrowly missing New Guy—who was still hovering like a dog looking for scraps. Pathetic. “Do you have any ideas about what you’re looking for?”

“It will be a small ceremony,” Awny said, her voice soft but melodious. “Our families couldn’t make it.”

“That’s a shame. We—”

“We can connect them with holos,” New Guy piped up.

Tas glared at him, then turned a smile back to the couple. “Yes. We can connect them with holos, that’s not a problem.”

“And I’d like something…I don’t know…” Mosan waved the hand not clutched in her fiancée’s death grip.  “Magical.”

New Guy snapped his fingers. “Flutterbirds! They’d be perfect—they’ve got gossamer wings, they’re small, and they shift colour—”

Tas clenched his jaw, about to tell New Guy to go do something else, when Mosan nodded. “They sound wonderful!”

“Flutterbirds it is,” Tas said, trying to recover his smile. “When do you want the ceremony?”

Awny grinned at her fiancée. “By the end of the week would be perfect. That would give us time to have a honeymoon, too.”

“We have packages for that as well—”

“Crystal Lake and Gardens is available!” New Guy said, looking up from the tablet he’d used to access venue availability. “Oh, the flutterbirds with the crystals and the lighting—magical doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

No, magical described what Tas was going to do to New Guy for stealing his freaking commission. “Why don’t you go ahead and book that, then? Make sure you use my name.”

“I found it.”

“These are my customers.”

New Guy glared. “Only because you have longer legs than I do.”

“That’s not my fault, is it?” Tas’s smile widened as he regarded the happy couple again. “Now, what colours are you considering?”

“Pastels would be perfect with your colouring,” New Guy said.

Tas gritted his teeth. “I think vibrant hues would be more suitable.”

“But with the flutter—”

“Vibrant. Hues. Make a note.”

“I’m not your assistant!”

Tas whirled on New Guy. “No, you’re a would-be thief who—”

“Aw, crap, Tas, you scared them off!”

Tas turned to see Mosan and Awny skittering out the door, taking the credits that could have been his with them. “That’s your fault.”

New Guy set his tablet on homing mode so it would hover back to its charging cradle. “My fault? You’re the one who was yelling…”

“Oh, for crying out loud, will the two of you just get a room, already?” one of their co-workers shouted across the showroom.

Tas eyed New Guy, lips set into a thin, firm line. He crossed his arms and fidgeted, still annoyed that they’d lost out on that commission. But maybe they could still salvage something from the day. “Usual spot?”

New G—Ralik’s eyes sparkled. “Yeah.”


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