Saturday, June 27, 2015

There's More Than One Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Book

Posted by: Linda Mooney
At some point, we all love to reread our favorite books. They're intellectual comfort food. We love to retreat back to the world the author created, and revisit the characters we connected with.

But there are times when picking up the book or ebook isn't convenient. Maybe you need to rest your eyes, but you want to be soothed, and de-stress. Something you know that tome has always helped you do.

Why not listen to the book?

An audio version of the book is almost as good as seeing your favorite become a movie. You can "hear" the characters come to life. You can live vicariously in the romance and adventure through the narrator. 

In a car, the miles will roll away. On a beach, you can escape the real world. In bed, in a comfortable chair, in the tub - slip on the headphones and let the words wash over you.

Oh, you say your favorite isn't available in audio book format? Contact the author and let them know!


Now available as an audio book!

Beast of the Bayou

Sensuous Paranormal Romance
Narrated by Todd Van Linda
Length: 3 hrs. 58 min.

Click here for blurb, excerpt, and buy links.
Check out other audio books now available!

(Electro Voice - Vintage Microphone, found on Pinterest)

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