Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Does a Writer Do When She's Not Writing?

Posted by: Jax Garren
It’s been almost two years since How Beauty Loved the Beast, my last full length novel, was released into the wild. Two years…where did the time go? So what’s a writer doing when she’s not publishing? Here are a few things that kept me busy…

1) Being a (foster) mom

2) Publishing shorter works

3) My cat ate my book.

4) Going to the doctor

5) Learning to weld

6) Cutting my hair

7) Figuring out what to do with short hair.

8) Hanging with TheScott

9) Traveling to the Arctic

10) Writing a new series!

Okay, so MOST of the time was taken up with #1. It’s been a wild two years, and I’m so glad to be back to publishing. And I'm SUPER excited about my new paranormal M/M Stripped with the Vampire, coming out on March 11!

What’s the most interesting or fun thing you’ve done in the past two years?

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