Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nothing Succeeds Like Sincerity

Posted by: Jeffe Kennedy
"Nothing succeeds like success" - isn't that how the saying goes?

And then there's that other one, something like "The most important quality to have is sincerity - once you've faked that, you've got it made."

Therefore, I figure the transitive property of philosophy makes this true: One you've faked success, you've got it made.


This feels so true of publishing. Everyone works very hard to create the impression that a book is doing really well, because if people think a book is selling well, they're more likely to buy it. This is all a part of the black magic of marketing that I don't really understand. I'm a writer and a scientist. I have an assortment of eclectic skills and talents - I'm an excellent cook, draw passably well, have a green thumb and can untangle any knot or uncork any wine bottle, given enough time - but the whole selling people stuff is not one of them.

Partly because I have a problem with convincing people to spend their money on something that isn't their own idea, which often seems the point of marketing to me. It feels insincere on some level - a variety I'm uncomfortable faking.

And yet, I find myself in the business of not just writing books, but selling them. Alas. Right now my publisher is dangling the yummy chocolate enticement (because, really, who goes out of their comfort zone for carrots?) of buying three more books in my Twelve Kingdoms series. Right now, it culminates with book 3, THE TALON OF THE HAWK. But, once you read it, you'll see there's lots of places to go with this story. Since THE MARK OF THE TALA is doing so well - they're even making noises about featuring the series at the Frankfurt book fair! - that makes the possibility more promising.


Isn't that always the rub? The "but" is that they're watching pre-sales of THE TEARS OF THE ROSE, which comes out November 25. Because if more people buy ahead, then more people will buy, right?

*waves magic marketing wand*

So, don't mind me while I do the selling books song and tap-dance. For now I'm offering my prequel story to the series, called NEGOTIATION, previously available only in an anthology, free in my first newsletter. Whee! So, if you're interested, sign up for the newsletter here. I promise the newsletter will include only fun, sincere, non-spammy things.

~tap dances into sunset~

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