Monday, August 11, 2014

Here Be News

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New Releases

Want some dark and broody heroes? Check out this paranormal anthology of six brand new stories filled with sex, love, and dark heroes--DARK FATES

From Marie Harte, Jackal's Measure

Tortured by the god of chaos for centuries, Tariq knows only duty to numb the pain. When he’s sent to collect Eden, a sexy human accused of interfering in the Games of the Gods, his missing heart beats again. But love may not be enough to save them…

And don't miss the other tales from Carrie Ann Ryan, Rebecca Royce, Lia Davis, Ann Mayburn, and Heather Long. This book is magic!

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Pia Blyton, a succubus, isn’t ready for an official engagement since her skillset consists of setting kitchens on fire, singing at vampire hellholes, and most embarrassingly, she recently passed out in bed while feeding Valerio Hunan, the most eligible incubus in Lake City. Yet somehow he turns a blind eye to all her faults and still wants to set his marriage tattoos on her wrists.

The compulsion to have sex forces their people to have unconventional relationships. Every three days, she has to orgasm creating energy to survive. She can’t even live off bad sex. Unlike her, Val can’t feed off just anyone. He consumes the energy only a succubus creates and his hunger isn’t on a clock. Most incubi feed legally by luring multiple succubi into marriage with money and power. Val had caught Pia by the heart strings. Sneaky bastard.

When his food supply suddenly stops, he’s faced with starvation. Despite Pia’s adoration, she’s not an all you can eat buffet. He would suck her dry of all her life force within days. In order to save her, Val forces her to leave. With nowhere to go, Pia ends up at the last place she wants to be—her parent’s home, with nothing but her pink suitcase and a list of all her failures.

Pia needs to pull on her big girl panties and figure out why Val’s energy supplies have stopped arriving before he kills some unsuspecting succubus. But the demon inside Val is closer to the surface than either of them realize. When Pia leaves, the only thing on its mind is tracking her down and dragging her back into its bed where she belongs...even if it kills her.

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She owns the night.

Jessie may be used to taking a bite out of mortal killers, but she prefers to leave her fellow vampires in peace. When a series of gruesome murders points to both vampires and werewolves, she’s forced to step in before a handsome young reporter gets too close to the truth. Now she’s in a race against time - against an ambitious gang of monsters with a sinister agenda, and the daylight hours that keep her trapped.

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Other News

Angela Campbell's psychic detectives series has been relaunched with new covers, and the third book in the series, Spirited Away, will release Sept. 18. To learn more about the series, visit

Jeffe Kennedy's The Tears of the Rose is now available for pre-order.

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