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A decade or so ago, I mentioned to one of my friends that I was thinking about writing a book. Apparently it wasn’t the first time we'd had that conversation because she basically said, “Then do it.”*

So I did.

 Or, at least, I tried.

Now, a sane person would have developed an outline, fleshed out complex and likable characters, and spent some time building their fictional world. But not me. Having no formal training outside of letters in purple crayon asking girls if they liked me, Yes or No, I stampeded full bore into writing the Next Great Novel. After the first few pages, I discovered one of the most well kept secrets in the literary world:

Writing is hard.

Shocker, I know.

This was during a time in my life when I was busy. Really, really busy. For the better half of many moons, I plinked at that story during my non-existent free time. Then I tried my hand at another story. Then another. And so on.

Eventually I realized that I’d put in countless hours of writing, editing, re-writing, sobbing hysterically under my desk, etc. And for what? I had a day job, was beginning a family, and enjoyed a wide range of hobbies that were socially interactive. So why was I still messing with these books?

The short answer: Because writing made me happy.

Which is odd when you think about it. Writing is, at its core, a solitary profession. It requires infinite patience, not to mention a very thick skin. The latter is especially handy if you want others to read your stuff. The path to publishing is filled with rejection and many times it has nothing to do with you or the quality of your writing. Which can be maddening.

Personally, I’m willing to put up with the long hours and mental gymnastics because I love telling stories. The feeling of satisfaction I get from taking an idea and molding it into something tangible is hard to describe. More important, it's even harder to beat.

So how about you? Why do you do this hobby/profession?



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Joshua Roots is a car collector, beekeeper, and storyteller. He enjoys singing with his a cappella chorus, golf, and all facets of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. He's still waiting for his acceptance letter to Hogwarts and Rogue Squadron. He and his wife will talk your ear off about their bees if you let them.

* She may have added some colorful superlatives in there as well.


  1. I started writing in junior high and quickly became addicted to it. I write because I want to tell stories and because I believe it's something I'm good at. I think everyone should have some creative outlet.

  2. That's a fantastic set of reasons there, Nicole!


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