Saturday, January 25, 2014

Deadlines Are Like Zombies

Posted by: Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka
No one ever sees the zombie apocalypse coming. Sure, there are signs of something amiss, but we trust that science has a handle on it. Maybe there are even portents, but no one believes in those. Then the next thing you know…zombies are breaking down your door and your life becomes nothing but staying alive.

Deadlines are kind of like that.

As authors, we know when stuff is due and we usually have a pretty good idea when edits are coming in. (Or at least we should if we've been at this a while.)

I was going to post a pic of my schedule I'd drawn up so that I stayed on top of everything, but I'm not sure if that would get me in trouble with any of my publishers, so just trust me when I say I thought science (me) had a handle on it. Basically I have until April to finish drafting two books, do edits on 3, and release one or two. Nooooo problem… (really, I was thinking "it's a little tight, but it's all good. I can totes do that.")

Until the pounding on the door started. You see, in my head, I had until April 30. Uh… no. April 1.

I gave myself an extra month in there.



So, now I'm running for my life (and still vaguely attempting to have a life), but a great many things are falling by the wayside. Like this blog post. I knew I had to write it--even had a nice little alert pop up on my laptop. And then I spaced because the zombies were eating my brain.

There really isn't a point to this story (other than "sorry the post is late…and kind of lame"). There is, however, a moral to it: don't get complacent, bust ass every day so when the zombies show up you're already on your way to Hawaii. (And now I'm going to go work on edits and try not to dream about a trip to Hawaii.)


  1. Deadlines are scarier than zombies-- they come up on you much faster!

    1. Heheh there is that. Though there are the super fast zombies that have come in vogue lately. *shudder*


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