Sunday, January 26, 2014

11 Shows You Don't Want To Miss...Unless You're On Deadline

Posted by: Marie Harte

I’ve been in revision hell, as I like to call it, for the past three weeks. Three sets of edits, two revisions, and a manuscript due by the 31st. Loads of fun for 2014. Ack. It doesn’t help that I’ve been distracted by some killer television. Since this is a blog devoted to magic and the paranormal, I thought I’d list some of my televised distractions. They don’t all involve the paranormal, but they sure are magical. You should check them out if you haven’t already. In no particular order, here they are...

  1. Grimm (NBC)—a new twist on fairytales, with a cop, who's also a supernatural cop--a Grimm--dealing with the creatures that go bump in the night…in Portland! Fun and always neat to see how they incorporate new fairytales.
  2. Bitten (SyFy)—based on the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelly Armstrong. I never read the books, but the premise of the only female werewolf working with her pack and dealing with the whole man vs. animal issue is great. I’m not a fan of the many, many, many commercials though. The show clocks in at an hour long, but feels about 20 minutes long with all the friggin’ advertisements. I want to love this, but I don’t know that I’ll have the patience to hang around.
  3. Helix (SyFy)—Billy Campbell. Check. Isolated genetics lab in the arctic with secret research. Check. People with secrets. Awesome. The threat of zombies...and I’m in.
  4. Hemlock Grove (Netflix)—A terrific series about supernaturals in Hemlock Grove. Lots of gratuitous sex and violence. No, you will not be disappointed. *grin*
  5. Almost Human (Fox)—Karl Urban. Need I say more? A police procedural set in the future where cops work side by side with androids. Urban plays John Kennex, a guy with attitude, whose partner is a quirky droid named Dorian—who also happens to be hot. Great chemistry between the leads, and it makes you think about what it means to be human. Love this show. (Do not confuse it with Being Human, which is about three paranormals living together.)
  6. Sleepy Hollow (Fox)—Ichabod Crane, you debonair spy! That accent, that look…those clothes. Ew. If they’d get him some new pant and a shirt made in this century, I’d be very thankful. That said, the play on the headless horsemen, good vs. evil, and fun with history make this a quirky show that entertains. I love that one of the lead characters is a smart woman with no sexual designs on the hero. She’s terrific. Oh, and have I mentioned Ichabod’s dashing accent?
  7. Blacklist (NBC)—LOVE me some James Spader. He plays a wanted criminal who turns himself into the CIA with some ulterior motive. He will only work with the cute young agent who may or may not be his daughter. Conspiracies abound, but Spader is so amazing in the role of Reddington you find yourself cheering when he kills people. Bad people of course. Except for… Well, watch it. It’s amazing.
  8. Intelligence (CBS)—Sawyer from Lost. Hurray! Now he’s a snarky government agent with a computer chip in his brain that allows him to access anything he needs. And he’s after a conspiracy involving his wife. It’s got promise if they don’t drag out the wife plot-line.
  9. Elementary (CBS)—Sherlock and Watson, where Watson is a woman! I love this show for its smart dialogue and snappy cases. And Jonny Lee Miller kills as Sherlock.
  10. The 100 (Fox)—coming out in March. In the future, after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth, 100 petty criminals, considered expendable test subjects, are sent back to the planet to see if they can survive. It’s Lord of the Flies meets The Toxic Avenger with Young/New Adult angst. Wowzers.
  11. Resurrection (ABC)—coming out in March. Based on the novel The Returned by Jason Mott. Looks promising. The dead return to life out of the blue. Not a take on zombies, but how to handle the return of your loved ones long after you’ve accepted their loss and moved on. Should have some real emotional pull and has a cast of great actors.


  1. You forgot the Witches of East End. :) I adore that show, but season is over so no new episodes. I also love the Vampire Diaries and its spinoff, The Originals. Oh, and can't forget Supernatural. I don't remember what networks these are on since I watch all my TV via :) And sometimes Netflix.

  2. Dontown Abbey - BBC
    Sherlock - BBC
    Lost Girl - SYF

  3. Sleepy much to love. <3 Season Finale left me gobsmacked. Same with Dracula (which, gasp, isn't on your list!): Jonathan Rhys Meyers (need I say more?) and some of the most fantastic set design and costuming I've seen on a network TV show plus hot sex scenes for network. Also loving Grimm (Monroe is my favorite character), Almost Human, Arrow, and Supernatural in its death throes. ;)

  4. Sleepy Hollow is my favorite of the new shows. I'm also giving Bitten and Helix a try. Haven't quite decided on those yet:)

  5. I didn't even KNOW about the 100! I hope I remember to try it...


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