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Win-A-Book Wednesday with...

Posted by: Jax Garren

Steve Vera

Afflicted with wanderlust at the age of seventeen, Steve has lived in seven states, served briefly in the U.S. Air Force as a Pararescue Trainee, and has a profound aversion to mint chocolate chip ice cream.

During the dark times of adolescence, instead of stealing cars with his miscreant friends, Steve turned to the world of novels and fantasy epics as his escape. His lifelong dream, since fifth grade, was to conjure worlds and whisk people away, just as others had done for him.

He currently straddles two worlds—one foot in his hometown of Elmwood, CT, the other in Sunnyside, Queens, NYC. He has a great, fat, good-for-nothing but entirely lovable planet of a cat—The Jetes, who is a welcome distraction…most of the time.


The heroes of two worlds, Earth and Earth’s magical twin Theia, reluctantly join forces to fight the Lord of the Underworld.

And just who are these heroes? In this corner, representing Earth is Skip Walkins, former Philadelphia detective and Air Force Special Operations Commando and present police chief of Rolling Creek, Montana (mad cheering); and in this corner, representing Theia, five of the baddest warriors ever to walk either world—the magic-wielding, sword-swinging, Shardyn Knights (more mad cheering). To make things a little more chaotic, throw in one reforming sociopath: Donovan Smith, the rogue demi-god who unwittingly opened the grave in the first place and released the Lord of the Underworld. Together, this triad of heroes must not only survive Asmodeous’s wrath, but they must stop him from returning home to Theia and enslaving his world to feed on. Of course, our heroes will have to not kill each other first.

Praise for Drynn, Book I of the Last of the Shardyn:

“Reads like vintage Dean Koontz—fast-paced and suspenseful.” –DD Barant, author of The Bloodhound Files series.

“A deep gripping story that tickles the reader with This. Just. Might. Someday. Happen…”—Linnea Sinclair, author of the Dock Five Universe series.

Hello, friends!

Steve here. The Last of the Shardyn trilogy has been peculating in my mind since high school. It's the story I've always wanted to read but could never find, no matter how many libraries, book stores, or garage sales I scoured. Book II, Through the Black Veil was just released by Carina Press on Nov. 25th, 2013. What better way to kick off the trilogy than to offer Book I, Drynn, on Win-A-BookWednesday?? Good luck contenders! Hope you love it.

Steve out.


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  1. Hey Steve,
    This book was recommended by Nicole Luiken -- so I'm sure to like it! My question to you is: You say you live in two worlds, Elmwood and Sunnyside, Queens. Which one's better and why?


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