Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sex, Magic and Art

Posted by: Jeffe Kennedy
I'm one of those rogue creatures.

No I'm not a shapeshifter, or a sorceress or a blood-sucking or brain-eating creature of the night.

I'm an author who writes in multiple genres. And the book I have coming out tomorrow, February 25, boasts no fairies, monsters, pookas, Amazons, Egyptian gods or the various other paranormal creatures who usually prance about this blog.

Some of my other books do, but not this one. Platinum is a contemporary romance with a little art and a lot of kink.

This is not as much of a departure as you might anticipate. At least, not in my world.

See, in my mind, sex IS about magic. And kinky sex, in particular, is about breaking the false bonds that hold us locked into proper social roles and childhood attitudes. Unleashing the power of our true selves means breaking those bonds, shattering the taboos and exulting in all we can be.

One reviewer cited this line from the book:

Art grabbed you like lust—inexplicable and irresistible. You could deny it, but then the unfulfilled desire just ate you up. 
(It's a funny thing when other people quote from something you wrote - it no longer seems familiar. If she hadn't said, I wouldn't have recognized it as mine. Which is, I think, as it should be.)

Those thoughts belong to my heroine, Althea. She's grown up around art, owns an art gallery and longs to be an artist - but lacks the ability. She is bursting with unfulfilled desire. So when a bad boy metal artist offers to break a few of her taboos, guess what happens?

That's right.



  1. Magic takes many forms! Can't wait to read this book - best wishes on the release.

  2. I am sure Althea thinks Steel is magical in his own way. I think he is. :) Congrats, Jeffe!

    1. Ha! this is very true, Amy. ~restrains self from making magical body part jokes~


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