Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Magic of Resolutions

Posted by: Veronica Scott
 Happy New Year to all our Readers! To start 2013 off right, some of our Here Be Magic authors are discussing their take on making resolutions:

JODY WALLACE & MEANKITTY: I saw on Facebook the idea of storing little notes about positive and happy instances in a jar and reading them on New Year's 2013. That's as close as I'm going to get to a resolution -- making a "Hurrrah Jar" for the family and trying to put a few things in it. I can't make a "Boo Jar" to balance it out because, knowing my cynicism, it would be 3x as big, heh.

SHAWNA THOMAS: I don't make resolutions. Probably because I beat myself up too much when/if I don't keep them. I'm also a perfectionist so I put enough pressure on myself during a routine day. It also seems like resolutions are extreme. "I will exercise every day." when I already know I just don't have time to make that a priority. 

I do, however, try to make goals for the year. This year I want to start my new series and this year I really want to be more active online. I also do want to lose 15 lbs but that's another story. :-)

JAX GARREN: Last year I succeeded in my New Years Resolution of learning how to keep the house (reasonably) clean. At least, I did for the first half of the year. Then my life drastically changed. This year I shall revamp the resolution to: "I will learn how to keep the house reasonably clean with two children living here." I will take all the luck (and advice!) anyone can send...

JENNY SCHWARTZ: This year my New Year's Resolution is nothing but fun. I've signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge.  You can, too! It's about reading, reviewing and being part of a supportive and enthusiastic book-loving community. http://australianwomenwriters.com/ 

NICOLE LUIKEN: For many years I've made the same resolution: to get something published that year.  Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't.  My fantasy novel Soul of Kandrith is coming out March 2013 so I've already made my goal!  This year my new resolution will have to be to sell something for 2014 instead. 


Instead of making resolutions I'll probably forget in a few weeks, this year I'm keeping it simple. My New Year's resolution for 2013 is simply to write more! And eat less potato chips, but that will never happen, so...

VS sez: Do you have a Resolution you make every year? A special one for 2013? 

Best wishes from all of us for a very Happy New Year! 


  1. Jax,

    I'd like to know how you managed to keep your house reasonable clean. That's something I really struggle with. Either I'm writing or the house is tidy.

    Jenny, that sounds like fun!

    Nicole, here's to getting published in 2013! WooHoo!

    Angela, Yeah, potato chips are strange things. You open the bag, eat one and then somehow they all disappear. ; )

    I hope you all have a joyous and word-filled 2013!

  2. I love the sound of an hurrah jar! :)

    Happy 2013 everyone!

  3. I made a New Year's Resolution several years ago that I was able to keep: never to make any more New Year's Resolutions. It's amazing how much happier I became.


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