Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's that time of year again

Posted by: Loribelle Hunt
Resolutions. Goals. Plans for the new year. Normally, I'm not into this stuff, but 2012 was...not my year. So I've decided to make a few goals for 2013. Really, I just want to get back on track lol! I can divide them into 3 general sections.

 1. Get organized. My day, my kid's schedules, the house. All of it kinda slid into oblivion in 2012 and it's made me nuts. No more.

2. Pay off debt. In August, my girls will be a senior and junior in high school and between the 2 of them taking 4 dual enrollment college classes. Then in another year, the full time college starts. I'd like to be as debt free as possible when that happens lol!

3. Start writing again. I wrote in 2012, but not nearly as much as I usually do. Unfortunately, that means I only have one new release scheduled for 2013 so far. This hasn't happened since...well, since I sold in 2006 it's not happened. To be honest, it makes me very nervous. But I am looking at it as an opportunity to really explore this year, also. I have a couple series that I want to wrap up, and some new stuff I want to try.

How about y'all? Do you make resolutions or goals? If you do, what's on your list for 2013?


  1. I was just blogging about this myself...2012 was kind of bleh for me, too...

    Debt free before your kids start college? Enjoy it for all five minutes...I'm right there with you...mine even get free tuition because I work at the University, but then we made the mistake of saying "If your grades are good enough, you can move out of the house and into a dorm..." ACK!

  2. Teri, I figure I bet get out of debt before they start college, because I'll just be accumulating more debt lol! Unfortunately we don't live close to the schools they want to go to so they'll be in dorms.


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