Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some Sweet Deals

Posted by: Marie Harte
Ah, the magic of reading a book. That feeling can only be enhanced knowing you found that book for free or at a great discount. *grin* In this day and age when it helps to save every penny, everyone wants to be smart about buying. So many publishers and distributors are offering deals and free reads. I thought I'd share some of the places I've frequented, because I've found some great authors through them.

  • Pixel of Ink and the Kindle Daily Deal are great resources for free and discounted Kindle books. 
  • Barnes & Noble has Nook Books Under $5.
  • All Romance eBooks has a discount deal page, and you can view books by price as well. They also have several free collections available all the time. Here's one I'm a part of, Just One Bite Vol. 2.
  • Ellora's Cave offers one or two books for free each week. It's a nice way to take a chance on a new author without spending a dime. They also have a backlog of free short stories. Check their Sale tab to see their Values from the Vault and free reads.
  • Total E-Bound also has free short stories available all the time, and they offer discounts on new books. 
  • Samhain also offers one or two free books a week. Go to their shopping page. This week it's A Hint of Frost . But there's also a page of books still for free by terrific authors. And if you buy the new books the week they're out, you get an automatic discount.
  • Your library has ebooks to check out. See their directions and don't miss such a great opportunity to read both print and ebooks for free.
There are so many options anymore for delving into great reads that don't cost much that you have to work hard not to find an excuse to grab a book. Good luck! 

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