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Here Be News

Posted by: Eleri Stone
Our new releases this week

Book two of Alliance of the Amazons

Megan Feurer is strong and impetuous, like the Fire element she represents. She is an Amazon, sworn to protect humanity from demons, demigods and all manner of supernatural beings who wish ill upon the world. But her fire burns hot and fast, and her unpredictable control of the element brings into question her fitness as an Amazon.

Johann Herrmann chose the life of a Sentinel--a trainer of the four Amazons--to save his sister's life. Now bound to the patron goddess Rhiannon, he knows his duty demands a solitary existence. But when he's assigned to evaluate the Fire Amazon, his sacrifice becomes much more difficult.

Megan's passions ignite a flame that neither she nor Johann can control, and the goddess Freya has reason to fan those flames. A mysterious force is gaining power, and Megan and Johann must join together to fight. And once a passionate fire has started, it's nearly impossible to stop...

Find out how it all began in The Reluctant Amazon.

91,000 words



Barista Jen Hamby's coworkers give her a hard time for bringing coffee and pastries to a homeless man who sits outside her café--but she has a secret. The scruffy man is her father.

She's also hiding the little matter of why her palm itches. But how can she explain that her hand has a mind of its own and writes messages from the beyond? Right. That'll get her Employee of the Month.

When she finds herself scrawling your boyfriend is cheating on you! to herself on the bathroom mirror, she immediately dumps the guy. But then his little fling--who just happens to be her half sister--turns up dead, and suddenly Jen's homeless father is the prime suspect.

Jen knows he is being framed and must take matters into her own hands to protect him. But will anyone believe that the crazy old man is innocent? Or that his spirit-writing daughter holds the truth?

66,000 words



Midsummer’s Eve by Shona Husk

When Zoe walked out on the dare-devil photographer Sam Lincoln she never expected to see him again. Now he is here covering the reopening of a winery that nearly burned down, the one where they’d planned to marry. Seeing Zoe is a shock. Five years ago Sam hadn’t been able to refuse the job of a lifetime, but in exchange he lost the love of his life. With a little help from the winery’s lusty patron spirit Zoe and Sam might be able to put the past aside and rekindle what they’d thought lost.

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Here Be Magic Group Announcements

"Kiss of the Goblin Prince" by Shona Husk is a finalist in the favourite paranormal romance category of the ARR awards and Shona is a finalist in the favourite Australian Romance Author:

"Gate to Kandrith" by Nicole Luiken has been nominated for a CAPA Award (Cupid and Pysche Award) over at The Romance Studio!

Cover reveal for Lost City Shifters Book Three on Eleri Stone's blog. A very furry little wolfie. Well, maybe not little...

Several HBM members have been nominated for Love Romances Café Best of 2012 awards. Vote here!

Rebecca York reports that her indie Decorah Security Series is doing very well.  She’s just past the ten thousand mark in sales.  And her Decorah Security Collection, with a novella, a novel and two short stories is currently her best seller.

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