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Halloween Round Robin, Magic Style

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty
We're midway through our big Halloween celebration at Here Be Magic, and for today, ten or so of the HBM authors have prepared you a special treat. Or maybe it's a trick?? I don't know -- when I sent this to each author in turn, they may have felt like it was some kind of trick! But they all pitched in graciously, and so we are able to present to you the follow piece of communal fiction. It's about Delphie the pixie and how she likes to spend Halloween. Read on, if you dare...and if you have enough time...and if you're in the mood for a laugh...



Little-known pixie fact: Halloween is one of the best nights for politicking. The stupid humans open the door to anyone who knocks and happens to be in costume. So it's no trouble to get an invitation inside and then bespell them to vote the way you want them to.

Adjusting her fake fairy wings--ha, like fairies can fly--Delphinia Bathsheba Slippery-Elm marched up the scraggly sidewalk to the door of the old mansion on the corner of Hoot and Main. Her trick or treat bag swung from her wrist. The porch lights weren't on, but the house was definitely decked out for Halloween. Spookiness practically oozed from it. (Jody Wallace)


Delphie pasted on her best smile and lifted the brass gargoyle doorknocker. The resulting clang was out-of-proportion loud and nearly knocked her off her favorite stiletto heeled boots. She caught her breath as the door creaked--actually creaked--open and a shadowy figure loomed down at her.

"Aren't you a little old for Trick or Treating?" The voice was as deep and smooth as the rarest Belgian chocolate.

Delphie looked up, way up, and gasped. Even in cheesy plastic fangs and a polyester cape, the dark-haired hunk was a walking wet dream. He eyed her from her pink hair to pointed toes and crossed his arms over his impressive chest.

"Unless it's a different kind of trick you're looking for, in which case you still have the wrong house. The fraternity house is the next one over." The door began to close, ever so slowly, in Delphie's face..... (Cindy Spencer Pape)


Delphie placed her small palm against the door and her pointed boot in the crack. This guy was going to be a little more difficult than old Mrs. Futchermeyer across the street. No matter. She was prepared for that. Every vote counted, and this particular voter might be worth working

"Wait," she said. "Before I go, I have a treat for you." Before he could object, she reached into her Trick or Treat bag and pulled out a handful of sparkling dust. Pursing her lips, she blew across her palm, and the dust floated into the gorgeous fake vampire's face.

He blinked twice and sneezed. "What the hell was that?" he asked. (R.L. Naquin)


Backing away hastily as he reached for her, Delphie was shocked when the man disappeared between one blink and the next. An invisible hand grabbed her shoulder and hauled her across the threshold, door slamming behind her like the crack of doom.

"What have you done to me?" he said, not releasing his grip.

"Just – just some pixie dust to influence your vote," Delphie stammered, a terrible suspicion giving her chills. "You’re not human, are you?"

His laugh was short and ended in another sneeze.

"Not exactly, sweetheart. Wanted my vote eh? Couldn’t just ask for it nicely? You do know there’s only one way to break this curse of invisibility now, don’t you?" (Veronica Scott)


"Curse of invisibility? I think that would be pretty cool." She was thinking about all the fun pranks she could pull when he sneezed again.

"You would." Even narrowed in obvious derision, he had the most incredible pale brown eyes. Unfortunately they too faded away, like the Cheshire cat.

Delphie stomped one high-heeled boot. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Only that I’s clear you’re not above tricks and deceit."

"Tis the season." She smiled. "Besides tricks are not the same as deceit." She glanced around the surprisingly modern foyer. "What’s it to you anyway?"

"You are standing in my home."

There was that. This man was infuriating, but he had been so very nice to look at. "What are you anyway?" (Shawna Thomas)


"That, my dear, is information you don't need to know."

Delphie affected pity. "Vamp, huh, but too young to have any cool superpowers yet."

"What? No, of course--" He stopped. "Tricky pixie."

"I try," Delphie said modestly. She stealthily reached into her pocket for more dust. If one had made him invisible, she was dying to know what two would do. (Nicole Luiken)


Delphie pulled out her hand and a tiny entanglement of black fur trembled against her palm as it sneezed out a barely audible squeak. Oops. That wasn't the transformation dust. That was her ex she'd turned into a miniature peromyscus last time he'd pissed her off. She hadn't decided if she was going to feed him to her cat or change him back yet.

Shoving Romulus back into her pocket, Delphie retrieved the sparkling dust. Before she could purse her lips and blow it at the deliciously tempting vamp, a hot puff of air blew the dust in her direction.

"Fair is fair, sweetheart. Now you’ve got no choice but give in. We both know what it’ll take to cure us. Let’s get to it, shall we?" (Angela Campbell)


A shuffle of feet and Delphie found herself pinned to the wall by an invisible fake vampire. Cool fingers scraped down her bare arm. He caught her wrist in a powerful grip and slammed it none-too-gently into the wall.

She lifted an eyebrow. "Like it rough, do you?"

His breath was warm against her neck, his laugh rich and deep. "Three drops of fairy blood, spilled on Hallow's Eve--the night the veil between worlds is thinnest--will purge your magic."

Crap. How did he know that? No way she could let him break her charms. She'd canvassed all night.

"You know what else cures invisibility?" she asked archly as she curled her free hand into the curtains beside them. "Fabric." She yanked, swathing him in orange silk. In surprise, he let her go. She pitched toward the door. "Gotta dash. There's a fraternity that needs to get out the vote." (Jax Garren)


Lights blazed in the fraternity house. Music blared so loud she feared her knock would go unanswered, which might not be a bad thing. She was beginning to question the wisdom of approaching a fraternity house. Before she could hurry away the door was flung open by a huge guy cradling a half empty vodka bottle.

He took one look at her, screamed in horror, and banged the door in her face.

Unusual reaction. Most frat boys would be thrilled to see a pretty fairy on their doorstep. Unless--oh no--she pulled out her compact and checked her appearance.

The fairy dust that the vamp had blown in her face had turned her into an ugly, warty old crone. She sensed someone approaching, someone she couldn't see. Must be the cute vamp, who was still invisible. She couldn't let him see her like this. (Janni Nell)


Delphie pounded on the door of the frat house again. It only opened a crack this time, but she was ready. She quickly blew a handful of fairy dust into frat boy’s face and slipped past him while he was rubbing his eyes. Then she ducked into the hall closet to hide.

She couldn’t believe what a mess the evening was turning into. Her fairy dust was clearly defective. She never should have tried to economize by buying in bulk from the White Sands Discount Fairy Supply Shoppe.

"Perfectly safe and Reliable" the unctuous-voiced salesclerk had called it, promising that the rumors of radioactive isotopes in their product causing monstrous mutations were entirely without substance. She’d like to blow some dust his way and see how he liked being smacked with the ugly stick.

But, in the meantime, why was the small bulge in her coat pocket growing larger...and larger...and larger? (PG Forte)


So WHAT has it got in its pockets?? Will the invisible vampire still want to get his "cure" from the warty pixie? Will the frat boys think they got into some bad liquor? Will all Delphie's hard work in getting out the vote (her way) be for naught? What do you think happens next? And what do you think the title of this should be?

We'll present Delphie's further adventures back here in 2 weeks! We'll be joined, I believe, by none other than author Rebecca York who is going to be pitching into the story too. Do you think she can write Delphie out of this situation? Be sure to drop by and find out.

Sincerely, Jody Wallace & Meankitty
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  1. Ha ha. Amazing what kind of story we can pull together on whim.

  2. Following the story breathlessly!

  3. Awesome! I love a lot of unpredictable twists and turns and tricks gone wrong. With all your imaginations in the cauldron, you have the beginnings of a great story!

  4. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  5. lol Is that a peromyscus in your pocket...?

  6. I love how this is twisting and turning! Can't wait to see what happens next!


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