Friday, March 30, 2012

The Temple of Mek

Posted by: Nicole Luiken

When I wrote Gate to Kandrith, I decided that my quasi-Roman society had a god or goddess for everything, from war to little favours.

In the Republic of Temboria, the temples of these minor gods and goddesses have become utterly mundane and taken the place of many regular institutions.  The God of Wine’s temple is, for all intents and purposes, a bar.  The God of Traveller’s temple is an inn, and the Goddess of Horse’s temple is a stable.  Because of this corruption few true mystical places remain.

The Temple of Mek, God of Death, is one of them.


 The Temple of Mek stood--her lips parted in awe--out on a great slab of gray rock two-thirds of the way across the top of Vaga Falls.  Torrents of water rushed over the drop on either side of the temple.  A narrow footbridge connected the temple to her side of the cataract. 
Marcus and the other outriders looked at her, clearly expecting her to change her mind about visiting the temple.
Sara stared at the footbridge longingly.  Aunt Evina would never set foot on it, and neither would any other noblewoman.  Sara knew what she should do, but the wildness she was supposed to have outgrown urged otherwise.
Before anyone could stop her Sara ran lightly out onto the bridge.  Out over the rushing, foaming water.


  1. Did she fall in the rushing water? Was she aware of the dangers that lied ahead and chose to ignore them? I love your book cover. Amazing!

  2. Quasi-Roman society? Epic fantasy? I think I have to buy this book!

  3. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with the waterfall scene.


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