Monday, March 5, 2012

Here Be News

Posted by: Eleri Stone
Our new releases this week

As the nineteenth century draws to a close, James Weston, Earl of Falmouth, is dying along with it. Despite living in an age of airships and automatons, even London's finest physicians cannot cure the young man's ailing heart. His last hope lies in retrieving a powerful artifact from the remote island home of an eccentric scientist's daughter.

Elspeth Shaw prefers her solitary life to the tragic results that come from mixing in society. Elspeth is cursed: every mortal being who forms an attachment to her dies a horrible death. Yet when the doomed Lord Falmouth arrives in search of the very artifact that blights her, she hasn't the will to refuse. But the price for cheating death may be more than any human can pay...

Links of Interest

Last day for BooksonBoard's fantasy sale. Use promo code Fantastic2012 for 25% off all eligible titles.

"I Need a Hero" submissions call from Liquid Silver Books: "...they are romance stories, not erotica – there must be a strong and compelling story linking everything together, not a series of sex scenes.  They must be at least 15K, and can take place in any setting, from small town America to the vast light years of outer space.  They can include paranormal elements, such as shifters or alternate worlds, but the underlying Heroes theme must ring true."

John Steinbeck's letter to his editor after completing East of Eden: A book is like a man.

io9's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in March! This has a really handy calendar format.

Here Be Magic Group Announcements

On March 7, Cindy Spencer Pape is giving away a free download of Motor City Fae at The Romance Studio as part of their book-a-day giveaway program.

Rebecca York has two new videos on her web site,  Both are interviews with Rebecca.  In one she’s talking about her Decorah Security series, where her detectives have paranormal powers or solve paranormal cases.  In the other, she’s answering frequently asked questions from readers like, “do you practice your sex scenes.”

I for one am awfully excited that Patricia Brigg's Fair Game is almost here!! That's what I'm doing on Tuesday. What are your plans for the week?

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  1. I'm waiting for Fair Game, too. Read a great review and really, really can't wait - but have to! I pre-ordered a paper copy and have to wait for the post :)


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