Monday, March 26, 2012

Here Be News

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Our new releases this week

Sarathena Remillus, daughter of the newly elected Primus of the Republic of Temboria, has been given a mission: discover the secret of slave magic. Anxious to escape the corruption and treachery of the capital, Sara welcomes the chance to finally prove herself far away in Kandrith, the tiny nation of former slaves.

Accompanying her on the journey is Lance, a Kandrithan to whom Sara owes her life. Lance despises the nobility, and is determined to resist his desire for Sara, despite her attempts to entice him into divulging the secret of his magic.

Soon their travels become fraught with peril, and Sara discovers she's fallen victim to the ultimate betrayal. To end a war between two nations, she will have to make the ultimate sacrifice...

Links of Interest

Game of Thrones season premiere is this Sunday, April 1st!

Check out the new cover for Jane Kindred's The Fallen Queen.

Hunger Games released this week with "...the third-best opening ever and best opening for a non-sequel." 

And related to that, this is an interesting article: How YA like "The Hunger Games" Came to Rule Fantasy and Scifi Films

In case you missed it, this: Feds Intercept Pot Shipments To Publishing House

Here Be Magic Group Announcements

Carina Press has acquired David Bridger's urban fantasy novel Golden Triangle, which is Quarter Square's sequel and Book 2 of the Wild Times series. No release date yet, but we're probably looking at early 2013.

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