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HERE BE NEWS for Monday May 6, 2024

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 Monday May 06, 2024 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:

Tuesday April 30, 2024: Read Chapter 4 of Linda Mooney's fantasy romance, Dark Hours

From Linda Mooney:  While cleaning out my office, I came across a few paperback print copies of some of my earlier titles left over from when I was with several other publishers.


Each month I'll be posting one of them FOR SALE for only $10, and that includes postage. Plus I'll autograph them!


Quantities are limited!


May’s Title:


Sweet Contemporary Romance for the Christmas Holidays

Word Count:  10.4K

Terrie Myers didn't believe life would give her a second chance at love. She had managed to survive cancer, but she had lost the man she thought she loved. 


Returning to her parents' vacation house on the Texas gulf coast, she never expected to fall for the man living in the bungalow next door. Sadly, he was already married. Still, she couldn't help the way she felt, or deny the joy of living he gave her.


With Christmas hours away, can the magic of the season make dreams come true?

Releasing Tomorrow: May 8, 2024

The Lyon's Gambit: 

The Lyon's Den Connected World

In a world bound by rules, love becomes the ultimate gambit.

In the glittering world of London, where society dictates everything, Nathaniel, Marquess of St. John, learned the hard way that playing by those rules doesn't always guarantee a happy ending. Jilted by a woman chosen for him by his father, Nathaniel swore off marriage and embraced the life of a steadfast bachelor.

Louise Hartfield is a talented seamstress with a disdain for the 
ton's rigid expectations. Trapped by her mother's antiquated insistence that as the elder daughter she must wed before her younger sister, Louise scoffs at the idea of conforming to such a preposterous rule.

When Nathaniel and his friends bet on whether love can transcend class, they turn to Mrs. Dove-Lyon, whose Lyon’s Den hosts their daring experiment. As Nathaniel and Louise navigate society’s expectations, they find themselves drawn together in a quest for true love.

Will they defy tradition or succumb to its demands? In this high-stakes gamble for love, who will emerge victorious?

Read free in Kindle Unlimited!

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