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HERE BE NEWS for Monday February 05, 2024

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 Monday February 05, 2024 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:

Tuesday January 30, 2024: Linda Mooney treats us to the first chapter of her fantasy romance, Dark Hours

If you're curious about Ream Stories, the new subscription site for fiction, there isn't a better time to check it out. Almost 30 authors (mostly paranormal) have teamed up to offer new members a first month free to their introductory tiers. There's also a giveaway involved offering a grand prize of six months free subscription to any or all of the participating authors' sites. 

While not all the authors write paranormal, the majority of them do. Click on the link below for details. 

New from Linda Mooney:

Valentwines: 14 Tales of Romance That Didn’t Quite Go As Planned

Stories included are:

CHOCOLATES - The salesman was persuasive, the samples delicious, and the price was where Melvin couldn’t turn down buying a box.

BUBBLE BATH - Chet decided drawing her a hot bubble bath and ordering in some Chinese food would make for a perfect night.

DICE - A little love play based on a set of "romance dice" sounded like just thing to spice up their marriage.

ROMANTIC MOVIE - Word on the street was that it was the perfect movie for a date night.

STRAWBERRIES AND CHAMPAGNE - It was something different, which was why Lewis chose to spring this gift on Stacia.

MOTEL ROOM - It was their chance to get away for the night—no kids, no worries.

ROSE - He was dead broke, but fortune helped him find a way to get her the rose she wanted.

DINNER OUT - They were looking forward to celebrating the holiday at the exclusive restaurant.

JEWELRY - The heart-shaped earrings had to be real diamonds.

BREAKFAST IN BED – Callen’s brother had a great idea, including what to fix.

CARD - Travis couldn’t find one that expressed how much he really loved her.

NIGHTIE - It was sheer, sexy-looking, and they had her size.

PET - Hale swore they’d never have one, no matter how much his wife wanted it.

GIFT CARD - Kevin was stumped on what to get his wife, until he found the perfect solution.

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